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How You Can Ensure Accessibility for All Guests at Your Fundraising Events

August 15, 2022

Things to consider to help make everyone feel welcome

When planning events for your nonprofit, you’re surely hoping to have a large turnout. Not only will it help you to raise money for your cause and boost your mission, but it’s also much more fun that way.

So, how can you ensure that all of your guests feel welcome at your event? One of the most fundamental ways is by removing enough barriers so that all guests, regardless of whether or not they have identified a disability to you, can have a frictionless experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make your nonprofit events accessible to all guests. Please keep in mind that this is by no means an exhaustive guide. When in doubt, the best thing you can do – both when planning for and hosting on the day of the event – is to ask guests how you can help them!

Educating your organization

When your organization is trying to figure out how accessibility for disabled guests can be improved at the events you host, one of the first steps you can take is to get educated. Not only are there countless resources available online about how to make your events both accessible and inclusive, but there are also many experts who are trained in and educated about accessibility issues. You can collaborate with a disability education professional on a regular basis so that the members of your staff and volunteers can be prepared to welcome guests with disabilities. 

This Forbes article about how to make workplace environments more welcoming for people with disabilities is a great place to start when considering the changes your organization can make in order to introduce accessibility considerations at your events and beyond.

Invitations and ticketing

When setting up your online ticketing page or sending out your invitations, you may want to consider adding survey questions that will help you identify how you can best accommodate your guests. Again, the best thing you can do is to ask guests if they will require any additional considerations from your organization. Some questions could include:

It is also important to consider the atmosphere of and itinerary for the fundraising event, and how these things could affect disabled guests. Your invitation should also let your guests know if any of the following will be present at or part of your event:

Choosing the venue

When choosing the venue for your nonprofit event, be sure that you are considering certain factors to ensure that the location will be accessible:

At the event

The key to a successful fundraising event is full participation – and having a good time, of course! In order to empower all guests to participate in the activities you have planned, consider including the following:

Get started making your next fundraising event accessible

Now, you probably have a good starting point for accessibility considerations you should be making when planning for an event. Don’t forget the most important thing, which is to ask guests how you can make your event more accessible and therefore comfortable for them. This will ensure that everyone has a great experience and will be willing to come back to  support your cause.