Zeffy is the only 100% free fundraising software for nonprofits

When will you switch to zero-fee fundraising? 

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Zeffy relies on voluntary contributions

We believe that the best online fundraising technology should be free for every nonprofit – so you can focus on maximizing your impact.

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Our solutions

Supporting your fundraising efforts from start to finish


Sell more tickets for your next fundraising event with frictionless ticketing forms.

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Offer your website visitors an efficient and intuitive way to give to your cause.

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Peer-to-peer campaigns

Make it easy for your community to participate in your fundraising efforts.

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Donor management

Engage with the right donors at the right time with seamless donor management.

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Post volunteering opportunities and get a notification every time someone registers.

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Make it easy for your supporters to register as a member to your cause.

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Trusted by over 4,000 nonprofit organizations across North America

By using Zeffy, every dollar saved by Food Banks of Québec means 3 meals for someone in need.

In three months of using Zeffy, Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta saved over $9,000 in fees.

YMCA Vancouver easily integrated Zeffy's donation tools with their CRM.

With Zeffy, STEM Queens raises zero-fee donations to introduce young women of color to careers in STEM.

SPCALL saved $7,000 in transaction fees using Zeffy's fundraising platform

US nonprofit Outreach360 saved $6,000 in platform and transaction fees by switching from Classy to Zeffy.

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Kudos from fundraisers like you

Zeffy is a dream solution for our fundraising.

“Working alongside the Zeffy team, we’ve had our two best fundraising years in our agency’s 60-year history! Our reps spent time getting to know our agency and its goals; it's obvious that they care about our success. As far as integrity goes, every promise Zeffy made has been delivered.”

- Sarah Cassidy, Corporate Services Coordinator
Easy to use and suits our needs!

“Prior to 2021, SAT was soliciting very few donations annually. With Zeffy's unique payout method that allows us to keep 100% of our donations, we started our very first annual fundraising campaign. Zeffy has been an essential partner in the success of our campaigns. In one year, we raised over $100,000 in donations!”

- Jean-Philippe Alepins, Director of Public and Private Finance
Zeffy allows us to collect 100% of our donations!

“Simple, intuitive and attractive. In a few clicks, we are able to customize our page to follow our organization’s brand. If we ever have trouble setting things up, it is so simple to get support! The staff is always helpful and provides regular follow up.”

- Camille Nineuil, Psychometrician
We highly recommend Zeffy!

“We have been using Zeffy for some time now for donations and ticket sales for our benefit events. It's a simple and pleasant platform to use. Plus, the customer service is fast and courteous. We highly recommend it.”

- Yves Gauthier, Executive Assistant
We are truly under Zeffy's spell!

“Zeffy is really easy to use, while offering many features that really meet our needs. It's a lot of fun to use! Above all, it is completely free and without transaction fees. This allows our organization to better support our mission of promoting the well-being of young people.”

Joudie Dubois, Executive Director
Industry average
Visitors to Donors
15 steps
Steps to donation
8 steps
3 seconds
Donation form
load time
1.5 seconds
3% - 7%
Transaction &
platform fees
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Success stories

Success stories
Outreach360 saved $6,000 in platform fees by switching from Classy to Zeffy

Learn how US nonprofit Outreach360 saved $6,000 in platform and transaction fees by switching from Classy to Zeffy for their online fundraising needs.

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Success stories
Santropol Roulant raised $18,000 more than their initial fundraising campaign target

Discover how Santropol Roulant raised $18,000 above their initial fundraising campaign target while saving $3,300 in transaction fees, after switching from Eventbrite to Zeffy (formerly Simplyk).

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Success stories
FBQ saved $16,000 in transaction fees using Zeffy's free fundraising platform

Thanks to Zeffy (formerly Simplyk), FBQ saved almost $16,000 in transaction fees. $16,000 more to help provide food aid to people in vulnerable situations.

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