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Raffle laws

Iowa Raffle Laws for Nonprofits: Are Raffles Legal? [2024]

April 8, 2024

How to run a legal raffle in Iowa

Fundraising raffles are legal in Iowa with a valid license. Raffle categories are based on the prize value:

  • Very small raffle: Under $1,000 
  • Small raffle: $1,001- $10,000
  • Large raffle: $10,001- $100,000
  • Very large raffle: $100,001-$200,000

Iowa raffle laws for nonprofits

Iowa Admin. Code r. 481-100.32 states that:

  • A license must be in effect before promotions begin.
  • Raffles are only valid during the license period.
  • Raffles begin when the first ticket sells and ends when a winner is chosen.
  • Calendar raffles are not allowed.
  • Cash prizes and merchandise can't exceed $10,000.
  • Winners do not need to be present. 
  • Prizes can be one item or multiple. 
  • There are no limitations on ticket cost.

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Do you need a raffle license?

You need a raffle license in Iowa. Organizations can apply with the Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals, & Licensing.

What is the raffle license fee?

The initial registration fee and registration renewal fee are both $15. Costs vary by license type, from $15 for 14 days to $150 for a two-year license.

What do you need to apply for a charitable gaming license?

To apply for a charitable gaming license, you'll need:

  • A completed Charitable Gaming application
  • State of Iowa Sales Tax Permit Number
  • Non-refundable license fee
  • Proof of nonprofit status and IRS documentation

100% free raffle platform for nonprofits

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