Charitable Lottery Regulations

Charitable Lottery Regulations in Alberta

September 20, 2020

Alberta has its own regulations for charitable lotteries. At Zeffy, we strive to make your work simpler. We’ve broken down some of the regulations of online gaming in your province, so that you can easily set up a successful raffle for your organization. Keep in mind that if you are looking to raise money through a prize draw, raffle, 50/50 or other game, you will need to follow the regulations imposed by the Alberta Gaming Liquor & Cannabis Agency and obtain a license.

Online sales, distribution and draw for charitable gaming

In Alberta, the online gaming rules are different depending on the total ticket value. The total ticket value is the number of tickets multiplied by the price of each ticket.

For any game with the total ticket value below $100,000, you can use online payment methods, such as Zeffy's ticketing for your raffles. There are certain conditions that apply:

  • the tickets or ticket numbers cannot be distributed electronically
  • the tickets must be mailed to purchasers
  • a random number generator cannot be used to determine the winner, a manual draw must be done
  • ticket buyers must be 18 years or older and a resident of Alberta with an Alberta mailing address
  • the payment method must be PCI compliant

Do you want more specifics on the rules for online gaming? You can find them in the Alberta Electronic Raffle Handbook.

For any draws with total ticket value over $100,000, an electronic raffle system can be used through a registered gaming supplier.

Unsure about how the regulations apply to your use of online methods for your gaming? We suggest you include how you plan to sell and distribute your tickets when applying for your gaming license.