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How to Make Raffle Tickets in 4 Easy Ways

February 27, 2024

It's tough to stand out and get people excited about your nonprofit raffle — without great tickets, you might not reach your fundraising goals.

Plus, you might be wondering: What info do I need to include? And how do I actually make and sell them? It's easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start.

In this guide, we'll break it down for you step by step — you'll learn everything you need to know to make your raffle a soaring success.

Ticket sales for nonprofits

How do raffle tickets work?

a group of brown bags with brown labels

Raffle tickets are a common way for organizations to raise funds for a specific cause or event. Though every event and organization is different, they all follow a similar process.

Here’s how to do a raffle:

  1. Selling raffle tickets: The organization sells numbered tickets to individuals who want to participate in the raffle. Each ticket corresponds to a chance to win a prize.

  2. Prize selection: The organization determines what prizes will be offered in the raffle.
    Raffle Prizes can vary widely and may include cash, gift cards, merchandise, or experiences. Raffle baskets can include few of these items.

  3. Drawing: At a predetermined date and time, the organization holds a drawing to select the winning tickets. This can be done manually by pulling tickets from a container or electronically using a random number generator.

  4. Prize distribution: The winners can claim their prizes by presenting their winning ticket to the organization. Depending on the prize, winners may need to provide additional information or complete paperwork to receive their prize.

  5. Compliance: It's essential for organizations to comply with local raffle laws and regulations regarding raffles, which may include obtaining permits, reporting prize winnings to authorities, and adhering to guidelines on ticket pricing and distribution.

What are the legal raffle ticket requirements?

Raffles in the US are controlled by state laws. Meaning that every nonprofit should look at their local state requirements and regulations for hosting a raffle. These rules might include rules about:

What information must be printed on raffle tickets?

The information that must be printed on raffle tickets can vary depending on local laws and regulations. However, here are some common elements that are typically required or recommended to be included on raffle tickets:

4 ways to make your raffle tickets

To make raffle tickets, you can use several different tools and methods like creating homemade tickets, using software, using printable templates, or ticketing printing services. Depending on your resources, budget constraints, and overall event needs, some methods might be better suited for your organization than others.

Make handmade raffle tickets

Creating your own raffle tickets raffle tickets are often best for grassroots or small nonprofits with limited resources, as they require minimal resources aside from time. This method involves creating raffle tickets manually using paper, pens, and other craft supplies.



Create tickets with software

One of the most popular ways to create raffle tickets is through online software. A great way to save time and ensure consistency across all tickets, platforms for ticket creation can be an efficient and easy way to get started.



Create printable raffle tickets with templates 


Often nonprofits make their own tickets using existing pre-made ticket designs and templates. Through sites like Canva, Adobe, for example, nonprofits can take the guesswork out of ticket making and using a pre-designed template.



Create tickets with printing services


Engaging professional printing services to design and print custom raffle tickets based on your specifications is another great option. From local printing services to using platforms like Etsy, nonprofits can outsource their design entirely.



Explore these 3 free raffle ticket templates to get you started in minutes

Ready to get started in your raffle ticket design? Check out these three ready-to-use templates to create your own.


Starting using this template →

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Starting using this template →


Starting using this template →

When deciding which raffle ticket template to use, consider:

How to sell your raffle tickets

Once you’ve designed your tickets, its time to start selling your raffle tickets. Depending on your organization, resources, and audience, one or several of these methods might be best for you.


In-person sales at events involve setting up a booth or table at community gatherings, fundraisers, or other events relevant to your cause. 

This method allows you to engage directly with potential buyers, provide information about the raffle, and answer any questions they may have. It's an excellent opportunity to leverage face-to-face interactions and build rapport with supporters, making it more likely for them to purchase tickets on the spot.

On your website

Online sales through your organization's website offer convenience and accessibility for supporters who prefer to purchase tickets digitally.

Create a dedicated webpage or online ticketing platform where individuals can easily buy raffle tickets with just a few clicks. Ensure the online purchasing process is user-friendly, secure, and mobile-responsive to accommodate different devices and preferences.

With social media promotion 

Leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can significantly expand your reach and attract a broader audience for raffle ticket sales. 

Provide clear instructions and links for purchasing tickets online or directing interested individuals to in-person sales locations. And, be sure to encourage supporters to share your posts with their networks to amplify the promotion and generate more ticket sales through social sharing.

Through email 

Craft compelling email messages that convey the excitement of the raffle, highlight the benefits of participation, and provide a direct link or call-to-action button for purchasing tickets online.

Segment your email list based on audience interests and engagement levels to tailor the messaging and increase the likelihood of conversions. Monitor open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to optimize your email campaigns for maximum impact.

Leveraging partnerships 

Collaborate with businesses to sell raffle tickets at their locations, such as retail stores, restaurants, or offices, in exchange for promotional support or incentives. 

Establish mutually beneficial partnerships that align with your organization's mission and values to enhance ticket sales and community engagement.

How Special Olympics Idaho sold over 4,000 raffle tickets for free with Zeffy

Special Olympics Idaho is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities through sports training and competitions. With a mission to foster inclusion, acceptance, and dignity for all athletes, the organization relies on fundraising initiatives to support its programs and events.

Special Olympics Idaho faced the challenge of raising funds to support their athletes' training, travel expenses, and competition opportunities. They recognized the potential of hosting a raffle fundraiser but needed an efficient way to reach a wider audience and streamline ticket sales processes.

To address these challenges, Special Olympics Idaho partnered with Zeffy, an online ticketing platform specializing in event management and raffle ticket sales.

With Zeffy's integrated ticketing system, supporters could conveniently purchase raffle tickets online through the dedicated ticketing page. Plus, Zeffy provided secure payment processing options and real-time tracking of ticket sales, allowing the organization to monitor progress and adjust strategies as needed.

Through their collaboration with Zeffy, Special Olympics Idaho successfully raised over $40,000 and sold over 4,000 raffle tickets in support of their athletes.

How to make raffle tickets FAQs 

Is a license required to sell raffle tickets?

A license is required to sell raffle tickets in many states. Check with your local authorities for specific regulations.

Learn more about raffle laws by state

What are the raffle ticket requirements?

Raffle ticket requirements may include a detachable section, sequential numbering, organization name, drawing date, and prize information. Check local laws for specific requirements.

What information must be printed on each ticket?

The information that must be printed depends on the state your nonprofit is operating in. 

However, each raffle ticket typically includes key details such as the organization name, ticket number, drawing date, prize information, and contact details. It's essential to print all necessary information clearly and legibly to ensure transparency and facilitate communication with participants.

How to create raffle tickets with numbers?

To create raffle tickets with numbers, you can use software or templates to design the tickets and then print them with sequential numbering. 

Alternatively, there are online tools and ticket printing services available that can assist with this process.

How to create an online raffle?

To create an online raffle, you'll need to choose an appropriate platform for ticket sales, set up a dedicated webpage or event page, promote the raffle through various channels like social media and email marketing, and provide secure payment options for ticket purchases. Plus, be sure that the online raffle complies with all legal requirements and regulations governing raffles in your jurisdiction.