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How is Zeffy free?
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Raffle laws

Utah Raffle Laws for Nonprofit: Are raffles legal in Utah? [2024]

March 27, 2024

Are raffles legal in Utah?

Raffles are not legal in Utah if money or property is exchanged for entry or a chance to win.

Criminal Code Section 76-10-1101 specifies criteria that explain why it is illegal to have a fundraising raffle in Utah:

In 2021, a raffle amendment made it legal to host a raffle in which individuals enter without payment or exchanging something of value.

Utah raffle FAQs

Is it illegal to make money from raffles?

It is illegal to make money from raffles in Utah. Selling raffle tickets constitutes the activity of illegal gambling.

In states where they’re legal, raffles are an excellent source of revenue. 

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What are legal alternatives to raffles?

Legal alternatives to raffles for nonprofits include:

Are raffle tickets considered gambling?

Raffle tickets are considered gambling under Utah state law if they require purchase.

Why is a raffle considered a lottery?

A raffle is considered a lottery under Utah Criminal Code when entries require purchase.

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