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Raffle laws

NJ Raffle Laws for Nonprofit: Are Raffles Legal in NJ? [2024]

March 29, 2024

Nonprofit organizations, fundraisers, and event planners can host raffles in New Jersey as a highly effective way to raise money. However, several rules and processes must be followed to remain compliant with NJ raffle laws.

The New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC) regulates raffles in the state and offers guidance for running one for qualified nonprofits.

We’ve created this go-to resource to share everything you need to know in one place. 

Read on to learn:

Are raffles legal in New Jersey? 

Raffles are legal in New Jersey and regulated by the LGCCC to determine aspects like:

The legislation surrounding raffles and other games of chance may also differ by municipality. It is always a good idea to check local rules based on where you plan to host your raffle.

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How to legally run a raffle in NJ

Nonprofit organizations need to apply for qualification before obtaining a raffle license in New Jersey. The state commission and municipality where the raffle will take place require applications. 

If your nonprofit is qualified, you can obtain a valid NJ gaming license number for up to a year to host raffles.

How to apply for a raffle license as a nonprofit

Here's what you'll need for the state commission application:

Qualified organizations typically include:

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Specific raffle rules for nonprofits in NJ

Once you’ve completed the application process, you'll want to review specific raffle rules to stay compliant. 

A few NJ rules and logistics to be aware of include:

Are 50/50 raffles legal in NJ?

A 50/50 raffle is legal in New Jersey. The League of Municipalities sets specific NJ 50/50 raffle laws to stay aware of to make sure you have a smooth fundraising experience.

Here's what to know about on-premise 50/50 raffles:

Here's what to know about off-premise 50/50 raffles:

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Raffle takeaways from a successful nonprofit

Preparing to host a fully compliant fundraiser can be time-consuming as you get started, but it usually pays off. Nonprofits see incredible results from hosting fundraising raffles, from donor acquisition and retention to crushing their donation goals.

New Jersey Raffle FAQs 

Are raffles illegal in New Jersey?

Raffles are legal in New Jersey and a great fundraising idea for nonprofits. The New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission regulates and governs all raffles, processes, and licensing information.

Can you host an online raffle in NJ?

Selling tickets online is not allowed for New Jersey nonprofits, though residents have continued to push for updated legislation.

Zeffy's free raffle solution can't be used to sell raffle tickets. However, it can still support charities in a big way, including:

How much is a raffle license in NJ?

A raffle license in NJ is typically $20. Additional fees may be due based on the type of raffle:

What is the legal difference between a raffle and a drawing?

The legal difference between a raffle and a drawing is how they are regulated. Both are legal in New Jersey; however, a drawing is considered a sweepstakes and is subject to different rules and legislation.

Can you sell raffle tickets online in NJ?

You can sell raffle tickets online in NJ as a charitable organization. A bill passed in 2021 states that raffles can also be held remotely if the organization verifies that each participant’s physical location is within a municipality that has authorized the conduct of bingos and raffles. 

All online ticket sales must be documented with a method of receipt and payment for the report of operations submitted to the state after the raffle.

How do I report an illegal raffle in NJ?

You can report an illegal raffle in NJ by submitting a report to the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission. You have a few options, including:

Read the full instructions for filing the raffle report of operations.

Dive deeper into New Jersey state legislation on raffles:

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