How is Zeffy free?
How is Zeffy free?
Zeffy relies entirely on optional contributions from donors. At the payment confirmation step - we ask donors to leave an optional contribution to Zeffy.
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Best Nonprofit Membership Software (free & paid) in 2024

December 11, 2023

Nonprofits thrive when they build passionate communities around their cause. But, building these communities and managing them is often a struggle.

No matter how enthusiastic your supporters might be, ineffective membership management can spell disaster for your organization. That’s why choosing the right nonprofit membership software—designed to alleviate administrative burdens, enhance communication, and foster a dynamic, engaged community—is essential.

In this blog, we’ll list the best nonprofit membership software, the pros and cons, and the price. Plus, the best features to look out for when choosing the best software for your organization.

If you want to explore only free options, check out this guide on the best free membership softwares for nonprofits.

Top 9 membership software for nonprofits

Zeffy - The best free membership software for nonprofits

Glueup - The best nonprofit membership software for integrated event management 

NeonCRM -  The best nonprofit membership software for CRM capabilities 

Fonteva -  The best nonprofit membership software for Salesforce users

Raklet -  The best nonprofit membership software for basic membership needs

YourMembership -  The best nonprofit membership software for scalability

Doubleknot -  The best nonprofit membership software for customer service

Zen Planner -  The best nonprofit membership software for fitness-related memberships

GrowthZone -  The best nonprofit membership software for specialized membership management

What is a nonprofit membership management software?

Nonprofit membership software is designed to help nonprofit organizations manage their membership programs. These platforms provide tools that streamline tasks related to membership administration, communication, engagement, and retention. 

Essentially, nonprofit membership software helps charities organize their membership database. This helps increase participation and empowers nonprofits to make strategic decisions about their organization. 

What makes the best membership management software?

The best membership software for your organization depends on your specific needs, goals, and the nature of your membership program. Regardless, there are a few key factors to consider when selecting the right membership software:

How much does membership management software for nonprofits cost?

The cost of membership management software for nonprofits can vary by platform. However, there are a few common costs:

Some platforms offer nonprofit discounts, while others—like Zeffy—are 100% free. If you want to compare each solution, we have created a list of the best free membership platforms here.

9 best membership software at a glance

Membership software Best for Highlight feature Pricing


Nonprofits who are looking for a free option (without compromising features)

100% free (no platform fee - no transaction fee)

100% free


Nonprofits looking for integrated event planning 

Unlimited membership types

Custom quote required, pricing starts at $125/month


Nonprofits looking for CRM capabilities 

Powerful reporting and analytics

Starting at $109/month


Nonprofits that already use  Salesforce 

Extensive customization options

Starts at $145/user/month (discount available for nonprofits available at request)


Nonprofits that need basic membership features

Digital membership cards

$0 - $399/month


Nonprofits looking to scale


Custom quote required


Nonprofits looking for great customer service

Custom implementation plan 

Not publicly listed


Fitness-related nonprofits 

Member and staff mobile apps

$99/month - $298/month


Specialized nonprofit membership management

Integration with QuickBooks

Starting at $3,900/year

Best free membership platform for all nonprofits


Zeffy is a free nonprofit membership software

Zeffy is the only 100% free membership software for nonprofits that lets your nonprofit create customizable forms, automatically send thank yous and receipts, generate and send membership cards—plus so much more—at no cost to your nonprofit. 

Unlike other platforms, which often come at a steep price, and have a few hidden fees too, Zeffy is the only software that doesn’t charge nonprofits a cent.



Pricing: Zeffy is the only fundraising platform for nonprofits that is 100% free.

Here’s how it works: When someone makes a donation on your donation form, they have the option (but are never obliged) to add a contribution to Zeffy. Enough donors leave a contribution to cover overhead costs AND the fees of the thousands of nonprofits that fundraise on Zeffy. 

Zeffy testimonial:

“The features that were most important were the ability to offer existing members pre-populated forms that made it easy for them to renew annual memberships by paying dues and making donations online. [Zeffy] replaced our legacy system that was painful to the membership…” 
James D.
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Best nonprofit membership software for integrated event management


Glueup offers membership management

GlueUp is an all-in-one platform that offers membership management, event management, and some robust CRM features. Designed to streamline operations for nonprofits, associations, and event organizers, GlueUp is loved for its comprehensive suite of features and tools designed to help any membership program succeed.



Pricing: Custom quote required, pricing starts at $125/month

Best nonprofit membership software for CRM capabilities 


Neon CRM for associations is solid choice for membership management features

NeonCRM is a cloud-based nonprofit CRM solution that includes robust membership management features. It caters to the needs of nonprofits, associations, and membership-based organizations. Plus, the NeonCRM is just one part of the NeonOne platform—the solution offers member data management, fundraising tools, and program management, too.



Pricing: Starting at $109/month

Best nonprofit membership software for organizations that use Salesforce 


Fonteva is a top solution for nonprofit that uses Salesforce

Fonteva is a membership and association management platform built on the Salesforce platform. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for membership organizations, like searchable member directories, event management, and a 360-degree view of members and their activities. 



Pricing: Starts at $145 USD/user/month (discount available for nonprofits available at request)

Best nonprofit membership software for basic membership management needs


Raklet membership management software

Raklet is a cloud-based membership management platform that caters to nonprofits, clubs, and associations. It offers features for member communication, event management, and online payments. User-friendly and designed to make supporter management easy and straightforward, Raklet offers several great, basic features for success.



Pricing: 0$ - $399/month

Best nonprofit membership software for scalability


YourMembership website

YourMembership is an integrated membership management solution that includes features for membership, events, e-learning, and more. It caters to a wide range of associations and nonprofits and boasts an active community of over 25 million members. Plus, the platform is secure and transparent—essential for growing nonprofits.



Pricing: Custom quote required

Best nonprofit membership software for customer service   


Doubleknot membership solutions

Doubleknot is an integrated platform that offers membership and event management tools. It caters to nonprofits, museums, zoos, and similar organizations. While lots of platforms offer knowledge and help centers, and even live chat support, Doubleknot takes their customer service to the next level with dedicated onboarding.



Pricing: Not publicly listed

Best nonprofit membership software for fitness-related membership management.


Zenplanner screenshot

ZenPlanner is a membership management solution designed for fitness businesses, including gyms, studios, and wellness centers. It offers features for member management, billing, and scheduling. For organizations in the health and wellness space, this software is a great fit.



Pricing: $99/month - $298/month

Best nonprofit membership software for specialized membership management


GrowthZone software for association management

GrowthZone is an association management software that includes membership management, event registration, and communication tools. Some nonprofit membership software is fairly general, meaning any type of nonprofit could utilize it for their membership. However, GrowthZone specifically caters to chambers of commerce, associations, and other specific organizations.



Pricing: Subscriptions start at $3,900/year

How Santropol Roulant surpassed its fundraising goal by $18,000 with Zeffy

Santropol Roulant raising $18,000 for their cause

For more than 25 years, Santropol Roulant has been creating food security and durable community networks in Montreal. 

With Zeffy, Santropol Roulant raised $18,000 above their initial fundraising campaign target. And, they saved $3,300 in transaction fees.

“I liked that there were no fees with Zeffy. We value honesty and transparency and like that our donors know exactly where their money is going,” said Melanie, Santropol Roulant’s Fundraising and Communications manager.

After more than two years and many successful campaigns Santropol Roulant has saved more than $7000 with Zeffy. 

“Zeffy has been really helpful for us and I’ll continue to spread the word to other organizations.”

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Nonprofit membership software: Frequently asked questions

What is a membership management software?

Membership management software is designed to help organizations manage their membership programs. It provides tools to streamline tasks related to member administration, engagement, and communication. 

Key features of membership management software typically include member database management, automated renewals, event management, communication tools, and reporting functionalities. This software aims to enhance the overall member experience.

How to run a a successful membership program?

Here are the basic steps for running a successful membership program:

How to increase nonprofit membership?

Increasing nonprofit membership involves a combination of outreach, value proposition enhancement, and strategic engagement through things like:

Zeffy, the best (100% free) nonprofit membership software for all nonprofits 

Nonprofit membership software is essential for organizations looking to successfully run membership programs—and create community and impact while doing so. With so many software solutions to choose from, nonprofits should be sure to assess their budget, goals, and needs when selecting the right one from their nonprofit.

Unlike other membership software solutions, Zeffy is the only free fundraising platform for nonprofits. While every other platform charges monthly or annual subscription fees, Zeffy doesn’t charge a cent.

Plus, Zeffy is a true all-in-one solution and offers more than just membership management tools: with Zeffy your nonprofit can launch peer-to-peer campaigns, manage events, and even build an online store.

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