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How is Zeffy free?
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7 Best Free Membership Management Software for Nonprofits

December 31, 2023

Efficient donor management, online registration, donations, and robust reports and analytics are all crucial tools for nonprofits and membership organizations.

Membership management software options that offer these and other premium features can help nonprofit organizations organize events, manage memberships, and improve email marketing.

Check out the following seven free membership management software options to see which fits your organization's and member community's needs.

Top free membership management software at a glance

Free Membership Management Software Best for Highlight Feature Solution Type Pricing


Nonprofits looking for free membership management software to manage membership and raise funds in various ways

Membership and donor tracking, online donations, event and raffle tickets, and peer-to-peer fundraising all for free!

Free web software

100% free


Webmasters looking for a membership management tool to maintain their association, group, or organization

Donor tracking on an Android App

Open Source

100% free


Organizations looking to integrate their membership program with their website

Member-only web pages seamlessly integrated with WordPress

Web Software

$60 - 900/monthly payment (with discounts for 1 and 2 year payments)

Member Planet

Organizations looking for basic membership management with event and fundraising

Customizable membership and payment processing

Web software

4% + 3% + $0.30 per transaction


Membership organizations looking to increase the impact of their membership programs for individuals, events, and corporate partners

Showcase sponsors and preferred partners on your website with paid or promotional listings

Open Source

Starting at $249/month


Membership organizations that raise most of their money with memberships

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google integrations

Web software

4% per transaction


Nonprofits looking for better communication with their members

Opt-in email campaigns

Open Source

100% free

What is a nonprofit membership management software?

Nonprofit membership management software tools are designed to help nonprofit organizations effectively manage their members. Many membership management software processors include features that allow nonprofits to streamline tasks like:

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Key features to consider when choosing a membership management system

When deciding on membership management software, there are several features you should consider and ensure they align with your organization's needs, including:

Member Database

Nonprofits and membership organizations should look for a robust database to manage members, securely store, and simplify the organizing and retrieval of information.

Membership Renewal and Registration

An easy and seamless renewal and registration process is another essential feature of membership management software. Membership software that includes automated renewal reminders and an intuitive signup process helps with administrative tasks, increases recurring payments, and simplifies member communication for organizations with limited staff.

Communication Tools

Communication tools like email marketing, newsletters, and social media help nonprofit organizations strategically communicate with members. These content management features allow nonprofits to send personalized messages to specific member types and individuals.

Event Management

Nonprofit event management tools help organizations plan, promote, and manage events with registration and fundraising features, like:

Payment Processing

Secure payment processing is another crucial feature of membership management software. Tools that allow nonprofit organizations to collect membership fees, donations, event tickets, and other transactions online can increase revenue and help build donor relationships.

Membership software that collects membership dues and donations must accept various payment methods and multiple currencies to raise more money.

Reporting and Analytics

A centralized database that tracks member engagement, event registrations, online donations, and more can provide insights into membership trends, engagement successes, financial data, and more. Membership software that creates customizable member portals and reports, allows nonprofit organizations to tailor online fundraising strategies to best reach their supporters.

Integration and Customization

Nonprofits must ensure their membership software is compatible with other software and platforms, like CRM systems or accounting software, before purchasing. When looking at each tool, look for features like the ability to customize fields, forms, and workflows.

Ease of Use

Most nonprofits do not have their own IT departments, so easy user management software is a must. Look for membership software that offers training resources and documentation for onboarding and continued use. Make sure the software is accessible for members and nonprofit administration to use.


A question you should ask yourself when choosing membership management software is whether it can accommodate the growth of your membership organization. Signs of scalability include:

Another way to determine a membership management software's scalability is with reviews from real-world users.


Cost is the most important feature for most nonprofits. When deciding on membership management software, you must evaluate the initial costs and transaction fees to see which tool best fits your nonprofit's budget.

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What type of membership software should you use?

Choosing a free web software (SaaS)


SaaS solutions are typically hosted and maintained by a third-party provider. Nonprofits can access this software via the Internet.

User Support

SaaS providers usually offer better customer support, including:


SaaS providers may offer more security and compliance with regulations for dues management and payment processing.


Many SaaS membership software tools charge users monthly subscriptions or transaction fees, but Zeffy allows organizations to manage memberships and raise funds for free!

Choosing a free open source software for membership management


Open source can offer more flexibility and customization since users can access the source code.


Generally, open-source software is free to use, but additional costs for hosting, customization, support, and maintenance may exist.

User Support

Support for open source software can vary. While some may provide forums and community support, this software type may be limited. Users must ensure their own security measures and compliance.

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Best 100% free membership management software for nonprofits


Zeffy is a 100% free membership management software that offers a donor database, membership renewal options, and a fundraising platform.

What makes Zeffy a great fit for your nonprofit?


Limits to reporting and database options. Cannot track seat numbers or separate event tickets and donations. This can make extra admin work.

Free Plan Limitations:

None. 100% generated revenue equals $100 for your mission. With every other platform, donors give $100, and you get $97 or less.

Pricing for Advanced Plans:

All features with Zeffy are 100% free


"My overall experience with Zefy is absolutely incredible. They have saved me not only money but time. This is definitely the best site to use for fundraising. Zeffy handles everything with precision. They keep track of everything for you and donations are disbursed when they are supposed to be. They take all the worry out of everything for you."
- Kim R.
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Best free open source membership management software


Admidio open source membership management software

Admidio uses database software that nonprofits can use without the need for coding.

What makes Admidio a great fit for your nonprofit?


Nonprofits cannot change the layout

Free Plan Limitations

There are limits to the number of features offered

Pricing for Advanced Plans

All Admidio features are 100% free

Ratings and Testimonials

"Outstanding, the options are endless. The only criticism I have would be the ability to change the layout. Apart from that, this is exactly what I have been looking for."
- SourceForge

Best automated membership management software

Wild Apricot

Wild apricot membership

Wild Apricot is a powerful cloud software that automates and simplifies membership tasks.

What makes Wild Apricot a great fit for your nonprofit?


If nonprofits don't upgrade to a paid subscription after the free trial period, their account will be deleted.

Free Plan Limitations

The free plan is limited to thirty days.

Pricing for Advanced Plans

Wild Apricot plans start at $60/month for up to 100 contacts. Prices increase with additional contacts. There are one and two-year payment plans for 10% and 15% discounts.

Ratings and Testimonials

"I had a charity 5K that I volunteered to help manage and intended on tracking all of the signups manually. I really wasn't looking forward to it. One of my friends recommended Wild Apricot as an option so I checked it out with their free trial. It was tremendously simple to use and juggle all of the event information in one place. There were still a few manual offline items to keep track of, but Wild Apricot was so much better! The ability to check in folks from my Galaxy phone was a Godsend, too."
- Kevin W.

Best all-in-one platform for membership management software

Member Planet


Member Planet is a full suite of membership management tools that simplify membership and day-to-day operations.

What makes Member Planet a great fit for your nonprofit?


Can be complicated to add members and update online forms.

Free Plan Limitations

Member Planet's Basic Plan charges a 4% platform fee and 3% + $0.30 processing fee with each transaction.

Pricing for Advanced Plans

The Premium package is $175 a month plus a 1% platform fee and 3% + $0.30 processing fee.

Ratings and Testimonials

"Memberplanet enabled our nonprofit to go from having completely manual member management to automated member management overnight. Regardless of the complesities our member structure, no other member solution has come close to helping to keep up-to-date with our membership as has Memberplanet."
- Gregg B.
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Best open source membership management software for a complex membership-based organization


Tendenci management software

Tendenci is an open source association management software built for complex, multi-chapter national and international organizations.

What makes Tendenci a great fit for your nonprofit?


Can be too pricey for many nonprofits

Free Plan Limitations

No free plans available

Pricing for Advanced Plans

The Gold Plan includes 50,000+ active members, individual and corporate membership, unlimited contacts, and more processing speed and file sharing for $499/month.

Ratings and Testimonials

"It provides an easy to use platform where one can access all information about each and every member. The security features are very effective in keeping data safe and restricting access to only authorized personel. The event management function makes it possible to ensure events success and allows easy tracking of tickets by buyers and tracking of sales by the sales team, and also to manage events by controlling the number of speakers for the events. It gives a clear location of where events are to be held for convenient transportation. It is easy to create feedback survey forms to collect opinions and feedbacks. It allows easy update of website content to keel everyone updated."
- Maxwell T.

Best open source membership management software that offers a user-friendly interface


Raklet membership management

Raklet offers an easy-to-use and affordable all-in-one solution for nonprofits.

What makes Raklet a great fit for your nonprofit?


Cannot try additional features without signing up for higher priced plans

Free Plan Limitations

Raklet's free plan is limited to 100 contacts, one admin, 1,250 emails a month, and one custom field.

Pricing for Advanced Plans

Additional plans start at $49 a month to $399 a month


"Support team is really helpful. We can easily get in touch with them over phone/video calls. Engineering team delivers new features and improvements all the time. It's really easy to import members, assign dues and collect payments online. We use it for membership management at Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion."
- Garrett J.
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Best open source membership management software for Linux users


Zenbership is a 100% free open source membership CRM platform that helps organizations acquire, monetize, and retain members.

What makes Zenbership a great fit for your nonprofit?


Zenbership is optimized for Linux servers and has not been tested on Windows.

Free Plan Limitations

This software is entirely 100% free but updates have been suspended since 2018. There are no plans to continue development.

Pricing for Advanced Plans

There are no advanced plans

Ratings and Testimonials

No user reviews available

Wrapping Up

Free membership software for nonprofits offers a diverse landscape of tools, each catering to different organizations' needs. Whether you're looking for cloud based software to help with database management, managing membership, or collecting online payments, it's vital to consider the limitations and cost of each software before determining which software best fits your needs.

If you've decided Zeffy's 100% free fundraising and membership management software works best for you, we welcome you to sign up for free today!

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