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How is Zeffy free?
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8 Best Event Registration Software for Nonprofits (free and paid)

December 16, 2023

Organizing successful nonprofit events comes with its share of challenges, especially when it comes to event registration. The frustration of managing attendees and ensuring a smooth experience for everyone involved can hinder the impact of these initiatives. 

In this blog, we cut through the clutter to present the best event registration software for nonprofits—including the pros, cons, pricing, and best features.

Whether you're a small organization seeking free options or managing large-scale events with a comprehensive budget, this blog is your guide to finding the right solution for your nonprofit's event management needs.

The 8 best event registration software

Zeffy - The 100% free event registration software for nonprofits

Eventbrite - The best event registration software for attendee discovery 

Donorbox -The best event registration software for tax receipting

Classy - The best event registration software for multi-ticket forms 

Ticketstripe - The best event registration software for group tickets 

Kindful - The best event registration software for attendee lists 

Donorperfect –The best event registration software for easy registration 

Doubleknot - The best event registration software for e-tickets & QR codes

What is nonprofit event registration software?

In essence, nonprofit event registration software is your event-planning ally. It simplifies the entire process, from registration to expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of your event.

Beyond that, the event registration software assists in keeping tabs on attendees. If you're selling tickets, it streamlines the process, allowing people to purchase tickets online, akin to buying a movie ticket through a website.

Plus, the software can also send out emails or messages to inform people about the event and remind them to attend. When the event ends, the tool provides insights into how things went by generating a report of the event's achievements.

Key features to consider when choosing event registration software

Choosing the right event registration software is crucial for ensuring a seamless and successful event for your nonprofit organization.

Here are key details and features to consider when making this decision:

Multi-ticket forms

This feature allows organizers to set up different types or tiers of tickets for a single event. For example, you can have regular tickets, VIP tickets, or student tickets, each with its own pricing and perks.

Group tickets

Group tickets enable attendees to purchase tickets together, usually at a discounted rate. This is great for events that people often attend as a group, like conferences or workshops.

Coupon codes

Coupon codes offer a way to provide discounts to specific attendees or groups. Organizers can create codes that participants can enter during the registration process to receive a reduced ticket price.

Early bird tickets

Early bird tickets are discounted tickets available for those who register early for an event. This feature encourages early registrations and helps organizers gauge interest in the event.

Attendee Lists

The attendee list feature provides organizers with a list of all registered participants for an event. This list can be useful for planning, communication, and ensuring a smooth check-in process on the day of the event.

E-Tickets & QR codes

E-tickets are electronic tickets that attendees can receive via email after registering. QR codes on these tickets can be scanned for easy check-in at the event, enhancing efficiency and security.

Ticket limits and ticket types

This feature allows organizers to set limits on the total number of tickets available for an event and for each ticket type. It helps manage capacity and ensures a controlled and enjoyable event experience.

Custom questions

Custom questions enable organizers to gather specific information from attendees during the registration process. This could include dietary preferences, t-shirt sizes, or any other details relevant to the event.

Tax receipting

For nonprofit organizations, the ability to issue tax receipts for ticket sales is crucial. This feature automates the process of providing attendees with the necessary documentation for tax purposes.

Refund & cancellation of tickets

This feature allows organizers to set refund policies and manage ticket cancellations. Attendees can request refunds within specified timeframes, and organizers can handle cancellations efficiently through the software.

Flexible event types

Great event management tools offer nonprofits the ability to host a virtual event, in-person event, or hybrid event.

The top event registration software at a glance

Event registration software Best for Highlight feature Pricing


Nonprofits who are looking for a 100% free option to manage their fundraising events

100% free (no platform fee - no transaction fee)

100% free


Attendee discovery

Organizer app

6% (3.5% platform fee + 2.5% processing fee) + $0.79 per transaction


Tax receipts 

Autogenerated tax receipts

2.95% platform fee and up to 2.9%  + $0.49 per transaction 


Multi ticket forms

Secure ticketing and transaction

Platform fees start at $299 per license/month + 4% per transaction.


Group tickets

Ticket bundles

1.50% + $0.50 per ticket sold plus up to 3.49% +  $0.49 in processing fees


Attended list

Tracking and reporting

$199+/month, plus 1% fundraising platform fee on all online transactions,  and up to  2.2% + $0.30 in processing fees


Easy registration

Segmented invitations

Custom quote required, starting at starting at $99 per month plus 2.5% per transaction


E-tickets and QR codes

Early bird ticketing

Not publicly listed.

Best free event registration software for all nonprofits


Zeffy event page for selling tickets for a charity dinner

Zeffy is the only 100% fee-free event registration software for nonprofits. With Zeffy, all of your revenue—whether from virtual events, in-person events, or hybrid events—goes straight to your cause.

Meaning that 100% in event-generated revenue equals $100 for your mission. With every other platform, donors give $100, and you get $97 or less.

Trusted by 10,000+ nonprofits throughout North America, and rated 4.8/5 stars on Capterra by 250+ nonprofits, Zeffy was designed to help nonprofits do more, for less.  

Key features:

Best for: Nonprofits who are looking for a 100% free option to manage their fundraising events.

Because Zeffy doesn't charge nonprofits a cent—and offers a full suite of other fundraising tools like donor management and peer-to-peer fundraising—this event registration software is designed for anyone looking to maximize their impact, save time, and raise money.


Zeffy pricing: 100% Free (no platform or transaction fees).

Nonprofits shouldn’t be limited by costly platforms and hidden fees, that’s why Zeffy is doing its part by offering equal access to the best fundraising technology.


“I love how Zeffy has made my work life so much easier in many ways. I can manage my email list, send messages to different segments, tag individuals and their interests, sell tickets to events, collect membership fees, and track income and engagement throughout. Best of all, I can do all of this (and more) without having a portion of our income being snatched up by a supposed 'ally' of non-profit organizations.”  — Maude S. 
Create your next fundraising event page now with Zeffy

Best event registration software for attendee discovery 


Eventbrite website for selling tickets

Eventbrite is a versatile event ticketing platform known for its extensive reach and powerful tools for discovering events. It excels in connecting organizers with a broad audience, making it ideal for promoting events and reaching a wide range of attendees. 

Plus, with the platform’s user-friendly interface and robust features like customizable event pages and an organizer app, Eventbrite is a common go-to solution for nonprofits.

Before considering Eventbrite for your nonprofit events, make sure to check out our 8 best Eventbrite alternatives.



Best for: Nonprofits looking to capture a wide audience with built-in discovery tools. Organizations with national audiences, for example, that want to cast the widest net possible. However, Eventbrite only offers event and ticket tools—nonprofits that need more features should check out Eventbrite alternatives. 

Pricing: 6% (3.5% platform fee + 2.5% processing fee) + $.79 per transaction

Compare Zeffy (100% free) to Eventbrite →

Best event registration software for tax receipting 


Event ticketing solution built by Donorbox

Donorbox is a comprehensive online fundraising and donation platform that stands out for its efficient tax receipting capabilities for online ticket sales.

Designed specifically for nonprofits, Donorbox simplifies the event process by offering customizable solutions—from event pages to ticket types. 



Best for: Nonprofits that need a highly customizable dissolution, Donorbox is a great fit. This event registration software lets organizations create a tailored experience and offload event management burdens with automated receipts and multiple payment processing methods.

Pricing: 2.95% platform fee and up to 2.9%  + $0.49 per transaction

Check out Zeffy, the 100% free alternative to Donorbox →

Best event registration software for multi-ticket forms


Ticketing and event registration brought by Classy

Classy is an all-in-one fundraising platform recognized for its versatility and is particularly distinguished for its multi-ticket form feature. This capability allows organizers to set up various ticket tiers or types for a single fundraising event, accommodating diverse attendee preferences. 

Plus, Classy's user-friendly interface and comprehensive suite of fundraising tools make it an excellent choice for organizations looking for a one-stop shop.



Best for: Nonprofits looking to host a more complex event with multiple ticket types and customizable event pages.  

Pricing: Platform fees start at $299 per license/month + 4% per transaction

Check out how this nonprofit saved $6,000 when they switched from Classy to Zeffy

Best event registration software for group tickets


Ticket Stripe lets you sell tickets for your nonprofit event

Ticketstripe focuses on streamlining event ticketing and excels in providing a seamless experience for group ticket purchases. Packed with tons of online event registration software tools like timed tickets and ticket bundles, TicketStripe’s user-friendly interface and ticketing capabilities make it a standout choice for events.

Pros :

Cons :

Best for: Small nonprofits looking for a quick fix for running and managing events.

Pricing: 1.50% + $.050 per ticket sold plus up to 3.49% +  $0.49 in processing fees

Best event registration software for attendee lists 


Kindful event registration software for nonprofits

Kindful (now a part of Bloomerang) is a robust CRM platform tailored for nonprofits, and it seamlessly integrates with CRM Bloomerang to enhance attendee list management. By integrating with Bloomerang, Kindful ensures that organizations can effectively track and manage event attendees within their broader donor management system. 

This integration streamlines communication and relationship-building with event participants, providing a holistic view of supporter engagement.



Best for: Nonprofits that already use Boomerang, enjoy their CRM capabilities, and want to build robust attendee lists. 

Pricing: $199+/month, plus 1% fundraising platform fee on all online transactions, and up to 2.2% + $0.30 in processing fees

Best event registration software for easy registration 



DonorPerfect is a comprehensive donor management and fundraising platform that excels in providing a straightforward and user-friendly event registration process

Recognized for its ease of use, DonorPerfect simplifies the online registration experience for both organizers and attendees, making it an excellent choice for nonprofits seeking a hassle-free approach to event management.



Best for: Organizations wanting to simplify the check-in process and registration.  

Pricing: Custom quote, starting at starting at $99 per month plus 2.5% per transaction

Best event registration software for e-tickets and QR codes


Event registration solutions by Doubleknot

Doubleknot is a comprehensive platform known for its capabilities in managing events and programs, with a standout feature being its support for e-tickets and QR codes. This functionality enhances the event check-in process, providing organizers with efficient and secure methods for managing attendee access. 



Best for: Best for nonprofits that have a constant influx of event participants (museums, cultural centers, etc.) and need a solution for ongoing registration, ticket purchasing, and check-in.

Pricing: Not publicly listed.

How JEVI raised $200,000—and saved $9,592—with Zeffy

JEVI's team holding a cheque in a fundraising event

JEVI initially discovered Zeffy while looking for a way to sell tickets to a crisis intervention training. Until then, the organization only accepted payment by cash or cheque for the events— inconvenient for their donors, and for their accounting team.

Since using Zeffy, the platform has helped JEVI save $9,592 in fees on nearly $200,000 raised!

 “I love that all the money we raise goes directly to our mission,” Isa, committed organizer and self-financer of JEVI concludes. “We save a lot, but more than anything, it’s the team at Zeffy who makes the difference. They really listen to the organizations.

Read the full case study →

Which event registration software is best for your nonprofit?

Zeffy customizable event registration form

Events are essential to fundraising success. Whether you are hosting a gala, an auction, or an in-person walk-a-thon, a streamlined and organized way to sell tickets, check in guests, and receive donations is essential.

Zeffy—the only 100% free fundraising platform and event registration software for nonprofits— is designed to help charities make as much impact as possible. Without any hidden fees and a whole suite of fundraising features in addition to event management—P2P fundraising, raffle tools, and more—Zeffy ensures that your nonprofit has all the tools it needs to succeed. For free.

Create your next fundraising event page now with Zeffy

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