Fundraising Tips

On-demand Webinar - Animal Charities Share Best Practices for Online Fundraising

March 28, 2022

Animal Charities Share Best Practices for Online Fundraising - Webinar Content Outline

PART 1 - Challenges of online giving and how to overcome them

Challenge #1 - Making it simple to give to my organization without paying too many tech fees

Challenge #2 - Adapting your donor’s journey to online giving

  • Ensure your donors find your website (5 tips to ensure your NPO’s website ranks #1 on Google)
  • Ensure your donation page is accessible in 2 clicks or less
  • Explain how their donation will help
  • Send a thank you message
  • Measure your website’s conversion rate

Challenge #3 - Reaching more donors through efficient communication

PART 2 - Fundraising inspiration for events

  • Make it fun for your audience
  • Increase your reach with hybrid events
  • Don't shy away from 1-day campaigns
  • Leverage QR codes

PART 3 - Free tools to support your efforts online

  • Free design tools
  • Internal communication tools 
  • Fundraising platforms 
  • Emailing tools
  • Virtual event tools 
  • CRM tools