Fundraising Tips

5 Quick Tips for Getting More Donations from Your Online Forms

August 26, 2022

How can you create the optimal online donation form for you nonprofit? We’ve got bad news and good news…

The bad news is, there’s no secret formula for creating the perfect online donation form. But the good news is, we know how to help you increase conversions on your forms and turn more website visitors into donors!

Check out these five tips for optimizing your online donation forms to get more donations. 

#1. Use visuals 

Create visual interest by adding your nonprofit’s logo, color scheme, photos, and video. Your nonprofit’s logo is sure to resonate with existing donors and those who are familiar with your branding. With compelling media elements incorporated into your donation form, you can grab your potential donor’s attention, evoke their emotion, and inspire them to act.

#2. Provide tangible impacts

For different donation amounts, provide one tangible impact that can come from the donation. When creating your online donation form, be sure to include at least three preset donation amounts, with each one providing a brief description of what the donation amount can be used for. This will resonate with your potential donors and show them an example of the impact they can have instantaneously.

#3. Make your form easy to share

Add buttons to your donation form that make it easily shareable via email, text, and major social media platforms. By making your donation form shareable, potential donors can easily spread the word to more potential donors within their networks. 

#4. Offer a variety of ways to pay

Be sure to add multiple payment options – such as credit cards, direct debit (ACH), ApplePay, Google Pay, checks, and more – so that potential donors can give to your cause without having to think too much about it. Many of us want to be able to pay online easily with pre-filled forms and automated tools. By reducing the friction involved with choosing a payment method, you’re enabling donors to use the payment tools they prefer without having to search for an alternative. 

#5. Use a simple and intuitive interface

Your online donation forms should have a visually simple, intuitive interface that allows your potential donors to navigate filling out the form without putting too much thought and effort into it. One of the ways you can do this is by making sure it is optimized for all browsers and devices. In this way, potential donors can quickly fill out the form and make payments on the device they’re currently using without having to switch to another one. With Zeffy, you can benefit from a simple and intuitive donation platform at zero cost to your nonprofit.