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5 Unexpected Places to Find Canadian Nonprofit Grants

August 30, 2022

Where to find grant opportunities for Canadian nonprofits in 2022

Believe it or not, there are grant opportunities for nonprofit organizations everywhere. You just need to know where to look! Here are some unexpected places where you can get grant funding for your Canadian nonprofit organization in 2022.

#1. Industry associations and professional organizations

Does your nonprofit organization belong to a specific industry? If so, industry associations and professional organizations might be a good place to start. These organizations are always on the lookout for grant opportunities for their members, and you can register to be alerted regularly about new listings. 

#2. Announcements in local media

Check the listings in local newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio broadcast outlets to see if there are any new grant opportunities being posted. Yes, you can still find this information in good old-fashioned newsprint!

#3. Social media

Take to social media to find new grant opportunities! Many organizations post calls for grant applications on their social media channels. Plus, by following hashtags like #NonprofitGrants and the like, you will be able to see new grant opportunities for your nonprofit daily. 

#4. Local community groups

Does your community have an online group or forum? If so, you can tap into the network of your local community group to see if anyone is posting about grant opportunities they know of or are offering.


The Government of Canada website is a great resource for finding grant opportunities for social development projects.