How is Zeffy free?
How is Zeffy free?
Zeffy relies entirely on optional contributions from donors. At the payment confirmation step - we ask donors to leave an optional contribution to Zeffy.
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Peer-to-peer Fundraising

Preparing for your next peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

April 7, 2023

Deciding to participate in a peer to peer campaign for a nonprofit or charity is a great way to contribute to a cause you care about. Back in the day, taking part in a peer to peer fundraising campaign meant asking your friends and family for donations or support, walking up and down the block knocking on doors and asking for donations in exchange for the 200 laps you’re going to swim. Today, things are a little different. There’s email, texting, social media and Zeffy—the only 100% free peer to peer fundraising platform for nonprofits to help you with your event management.

But, you know all this already. So, what’s this article about? Well, it’s a good place to start.

What is peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns are campaigns in which individual supporters host their own, mini campaigns as part of a larger fundraising campaign to collect donations for a nonprofit or charity.

How does peer-to-peer fundraising work?

Peer to peer fundraising helps organizations reach new people, increase it’s awareness, and attract new donors. Each participant or team is responsible for collecting a certain amount of donations, usually in exchange for something or in for participating in a task. (Think Swim-A-Thon, Movember, Girl Guide Cookies, Run for the Cure, etc.) They can be a bit of a logistical nightmare of the nonprofits who are responsible for the event management—unless they use one of the best peer to peer fundraising platforms, such as, off the top of our heads, Zeffy.

Peer-to-peer fundraising tips.

Are you preparing for your next peer-to-peer campaign? Do want to help your peer-to-peer fundraisers meet their goal? We can help with a few peer to peer fundraising tips. We’ve whipped up a guide to peer-to-peer fundraising—a lovely 6-step infographic to help you plan your or your team’s peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

A few more peer-to-peer fundraising tips.

Peer-to-peer fundraising tips for organizers.

Before you ask your donors and supporters for help, make sure you’ve created a great campaign that everyone will be proud to be a part of. It will help your fundraisers a lot if you come prepared with a well thought-out description of your peer to peer fundraising event that:

Your fundraisers will be reusing your description, so make sure it is general and can be applied to their campaign.

Online peer-to-peer fundraising resources:

Download: "A guide for peer-to-peer fundraisers."

ChatGPT can help plan your next fundraising event.

How do I set up a peer to peer campaign?

How do I set up a registration process for my peer to peer campaign?

How to host a successful peer-to-peer campaign.

How to Fundraise for a Peer-to-peer Campaign in 6 Steps.