Peer-to-peer Fundraising

Preparing your Peer-to-peer Fundraisers for their Campaign

August 6, 2020

Are you preparing for your next peer-to-peer campaign? Do want to make sure your peer-to-peer fundraisers meet their goal? Participants who update and share their campaigns regularly raise 6 to 18 times more for their cause. So you need to make sure they do it properly!

Although eager to participate, your fundraisers will be unsure about how to run their own campaign. Providing them with a plan will give them confidence and prepare them for success, ultimately leading them to reach their fundraising goal. You want to make sure they:

  • Personalize their campaign
  • Explain their connection to the cause
  • Donate to their own campaign
  • Share with a friend, whether close or distant and include a personal message
  • Share again. Be sure to update when they reach milestones within the campaign.
  • Recap after the campaign has finished and thank their donors!

Create a strong peer-to-peer campaign messaging

Before you ask them to follow these steps, make sure you create a great campaign yourself! You will need to write a description of your event that clearly outlines it’s goal.

  • Why are you asking fundraisers to help you raise money?
  • What are the donations going towards?
  • How will this make a difference in your mission?

Your fundraisers will be reusing your description, so make sure it is general and can be applied to their campaign.

Download our Peer-to-peer Fundraisers Guide

This guide is a great tool to help them run their campaign. If you are using Zeffy, providing further instructions on how to use the platform for peer-to-peer campaigns will also be helpful.

guide for peer-to-peer fundraisers
Download Zeffy's Peer-to-peer Fundraisers Guide now