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40 Unique Spring Fundraising Ideas for Each Month (2024)

February 27, 2024

Spring fundraising ideas allow nonprofits to develop fun and unique themes and host events and campaigns that excite your community. Whether you're hosting a Mother's Day brunch, gardening class, or Memorial Day barbeque at a local watering hole, the spring season offers a variety of holidays to give nonprofits a reason to celebrate. We've provided a list of unique spring fundraising ideas, events, and tips to make your fundraiser successful.

Unique Spring Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraising ideas for schools and sports teams

20 Unique Spring Fundraiser Ideas

Spring is a great time to hold a fundraising event for your nonprofit. The weather is finally warming up, and with school still in session, families are looking for things to do over the weekend.

March fundraising ideas

Employee Appreciation Health & Wellness Fair

Date: March 1st - Employee Appreciation Day

Health and wellness fairs can spread your organization's mission and help you form solid partnerships with potential sponsors. Host one yourself, or partner with other health organizations in your community.

Equal Pay Day Picnic & Auction

picnic, auction

Date: March 6th

Nonprofit organizations can hold a picnic and auction to recruit volunteers willing to advocate for equal pay. You can welcome female politicians, business leaders, and other local authorities to speak and sell tickets or solicit donations from event attendees. Remember to collect contact information from event attendees for your donor and volunteer database.

Women's History Month Movie Marathon

Date: March 8th - International Women's Day

March is Women’s History Month. With so many powerful movies with female characters, stories, and stars, developing a marathon of movies to inspire donors should be easy. Some excellent choices include Erin Brockovich and Iron Jawed Angels. Ticket sales, concessions, and raffles can all help you meet your fundraising goal.

Ramadan Poetry Slam

Date: March 10th - April 8th

A unique take on a Ramadan fundraising event is a poetry slam where people can share their favorite verses from the Quran, and local poets share their work. Make sure to hold your event after sundown so attendees can break their fast together. Ramadan is a time of service and charity for people of the Muslim faith, so a simple donation solicitation can bring in hefty donations during this event.

Pi Day Campaign

Date: March 14th

The simplest way to celebrate Pi Day is with an online recurring donation campaign. Ask everyone to give $3.14 a week for an annual total of $163.28! Make sure you send regular updates to these recurring donors and find other ways to make membership to your organization an exciting prospect.

St. Patrick's Day Bingo Night

Date: March 17th

No one can resist the luck of the Irish. Why not host a St. Patrick's Day Bingo Night for supporters and community members this year? Partner with local businesses to cover the cost of traditional Irish cuisine, beer, and award prizes.

Spring Equinox Stargazing

Date: March 19th

The Spring Equinox is one of the best times of year to watch nature's light show. Stargazers have a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights during the Spring Equinox in March and Winter Equinox in September. Even if you miss that, the sky is full of beauty for attendees to enjoy.

Easter Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt

Date: March 31st

An Easter Egg Hunt isn't exactly unique, but it is always a fun idea for this spring fundraising event. Whether you're hosting a hunt for supporters' kids or dogs, you must include a visit from the Easter Bunny, easter baskets, and easter games like an easter egg toss. Most easter egg hunts are free for community members, so it's essential to find other ways to raise funds.

April fundraising ideas

April Fool's Day No Show Gala

Date: April 1st

The COVID-19 pandemic was a struggle for many nonprofits, but a few organizations came up with an idea that is perfect for an April Fool's Day fundraiser. A "No Show No Dinner" Gala is a virtual fundraiser connected to no actual event. Nonprofits can have fun with the wording on dinner invites like, "Purchase your tickets today and don't join us for an expensive meal or TV dinner."

Al-Qadr Iftar Dinner

Date: April 5th

Al-Qadr remembers when the Quran was first shared with the world. This night is more of a religious than a celebratory holiday, but many Muslim and East Asian nonprofit organizations have Iftar dinners with family and close friends on this date. Your nonprofit can host an Iftar dinner, charge an entry fee, and solicit donations from attendees as it is also seen as a time to give Sadaqah (charitable donations).

Earth Day Tree Campaign

tree planting fundraiser

Date: April 22nd

Earth Day tree-planting campaigns are a perfect fit for schools and environmental organizations. This Earth Day event is a simple and affordable option and can be combined with a plant sale at a local nursery or on school grounds. Invite donors to purchase a tree or plant and enjoy the warmer weather by planting a garden with other community members.

Seder Cooking Class

Passover, Seder, dinner, cooking class

Date: April 22nd - 1st Night of Passover

The first night of Passover is Seder and is the most important day of this holiday. When the sun goes down, followers of the Jewish faith eat a Seder dinner with family members and drink four glasses of wine, tell stories, sing, and eat traditional Passover foods. Nonprofits can share in this holiday by educating the public on the importance of Passover and introducing foods like Karpas, Beitza, Maror, and Chazeret.

May fundraising ideas

May Day Flower Sale

Date: May 1st

April Showers bring May Flowers. During May Day, flowers and maypoles are everywhere. Your school or nonprofit organization can celebrate May Day by selling flowers from a community garden or nursery or making and selling handmade flowers from students. Create a free e-commerce page with Zeffy to post pictures and sell spring flowers this May Day.

Kentucky Derby Gala

Kentucky Derby gala

Date: May 4th

The Kentucky Derby brings up images of artistic hats and fast horses, but if you don't live near Louisville, the closest you'll get to this event is your TV. Your nonprofit organization can bring the Kentucky Derby to supporters with this spring fundraising idea. Encourage participants to wear their fanciest chapeau and register to attend your Kentucky Derby Gala.

Cinco de Mayo Photo Contest

sombrero, hat, mariachi, cinco de mayo

Date: May 5th

Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexican American culture, not its independence. Mexican Americans love their culture, and hold parades, eat street food, attend block parties, and more to share it with the public. A photography contest can give supporters the chance to share these holiday events and win prizes.

Pet Parade

Date: May 5th to 11th - National Pet Week

National Pet Week starts May 5th this year. Pet ownership is so common in the United States that you're sure to have enough participation in your organization's Pet Parade. Choose a date and time that works best for supporters, and contact your local municipality to use a local park or street. Invite local vendors to set up tables and join the fun for a fee.

Holocaust Remembrance Campaign

Date: May 5th to 6th - Yom HaSoah

Holocaust Remembrance Day marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943. An online campaign during this time may be more appropriate than an event. Jewish Holocaust Centers can create a fundraising page and raise funds for antisemitism education, capital campaigns for Holocaust centers, or support for Jewish survivors of the current atrocities.

Mother's Day Golf Tournament

Date: May 12th

From 2020 to 2022, more than 800,000 women took up golf, increasing the number of women golfers to 6.4 million. This Mother's Day, your nonprofit can host a golf tournament exclusively for women or invite families to join the fun with a mini-golf tournament. Charge a registration fee, and contact local golf clubs for auction items that may appeal to golf lovers.

Spring Cleaning Day

clean, spring cleaning, shovel

Date: May 23rd - Buddha Day

Buddha Day celebrates Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death, which is believed to be all on the same day. Buddhists may celebrate this day by abstaining from eating meat, drinking alcohol, cleaning their homes, and giving donations to the poor. A Spring Cleaning Fundraiser on Buddha Day can give followers an opportunity to clean their neighbors' yards, parks, and public spaces for donations.

Memorial Day Concert

Date: May 27th

Memoria Day is a somber day for many Americans, so be careful how you choose to celebrate. An outdoor concert can be a wonderful way to get together, honor those who were lost, raise funds for veterans, and enjoy patriotic and other music from local artists. Connect with local restaurants to add a Memorial Day barbecue to your concert and enjoy celebrating the start of the summer.

20 Fundraising ideas for schools and sports teams

Schools and Parent-Teacher organizations are always looking for new ways to raise funds. The following twenty spring fundraisers work for all ages.

Spring fundraiser ideas for schools

Tea Party

tea, tea time, girl, tea party

A high tea party gives young children the chance to dress up like princesses and princes and enjoy sweet spring treats with their parents and friends. Schools can hold a tea party in the school lunch room, at local businesses, or at the community center. Decorations can include flowers, balloons, authentic teapots, cups, and saucers, and food should be a combination of traditional high tea items and kid-friendly treats.

Book Sale

A book sale is always a great fundraising idea for school children. Collect book donations from parents and the community and host a sale online and in person. Encourage more participation by using the funds to upgrade your school's playground or classrooms.

Spring Scavenger Hunt

adventure, treasure map, old world map

A school spring scavenger hunt is a fun and educational activity that engages students in exploring the outdoors while promoting teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity. Choose a location and create a theme tied in with the season. Create clues and tasks that students must complete to find each item on the scavenger hunt. Form teams and get ready to have fun. Ask parents and the public to sponsor a team and be sure to take pictures of the hunt to share on your school's social media platform.

Sweetness Fair

Invite parents and companies to set up vendor tables and share or sell delicious treats. Make this event fun for the kids with themes from their favorite board games like Candy Land. Invite them to collect an item at each table and fill up a map to win a prize.

Mother-Daughter Fashion Show

mother, daughter

The best thing about young children is their willingness to dress up. Why not have fun with this and host a Mother-Daughter Fashion Show? Participants can come up with matching outfits to compete for a prize. You can sell tickets to the show and find sponsors to cover the cost of the venue, prizes, and concessions

Spring fundraiser ideas for high schools

Spring Fling Dance

A Spring Fling Dance for high school students can be a fantastic way to celebrate the arrival of spring and provide students with a memorable social event. You can raise funds for your school, club, or external charity.

Pet Photo Contest

pet photos

A Pet Photo Contest is an affordable and simple spring fundraising idea for high school student clubs. Set your financial goals, choose a theme, and set entry rules and guidelines. After the contest and winners are chosen, you can add to your event's income by turning the winning photographs into a calendar and selling them the following school year.

Garage Sale

A sign of spring is the start of neighborhood garage sales. Your high school can raise funds this spring with a school-wide garage sale. Set a date and location and invite the student body to donate genty-used items. Promote the garage sale with eye-catching flyers and posters around town and online.

Art Show

An art show is an excellent way to highlight the artistic talents of students while raising money for your high school club. Your school is an excellent venue, so all you need to do is set the date and invite artists to participate.

Eco-Friendly Car Wash

washing car, cleaning car, car

Organizing an eco-friendly car wash is a fantastic way to raise funds for your school club while promoting environmental sustainability. Once you find a suitable location, you must gather eco-friendly supplies, recruit students to volunteer, and promote your car wash with emails, posters, flyers, and social media.

Spring fundraiser ideas for college students

Fitness Challenge

jogging, run, sport

The "college 15" is an unfortunate reality for many students who've left home for the first time. A fitness challenge can be a fun and simple way to raise funds for your college club and help create a healthy student body. Select a theme like "Spring into Fitness" to better resonate with your audience.

Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat

A yoga and sound healing retreat can be a meaningful way to raise funds while promoting health and wellness among students. Look for venues with serene surroundings and ample space for yoga sessions. You can run the event with volunteers, but be sure to use qualified yoga instructors and musicians.

Bonfire Celebration

fire, bonfire, night

A spring bonfire can bring together college clubs, foster community spirit, and raise funds for your cause. Adding a theme to your bonfire event can make the event more festive and engaging. You can raise money by selling tickets and accepting donations or by selling t-shirts, hats, and blankets.

Craft Fair

A craft fair for your college club can be a creative way to engage the community and showcase talents, along with raising money for your club. Your club will spend the most time finding crafters and vendors for the fair, but the cost of this event should be minimal if you can host it on campus or at a local park.

Drum Circle

A drum circle can be another unique opportunity to bring the community together, promote cultural appreciation, and raise funds. The trick for this type of event is finding drum circle leaders. Luckily, a college is the best place to find percussionists.

Spring fundraiser ideas for sports teams

Trivia Night

A trivia night can be an excellent fundraising idea for sports teams because trivia questions can range from general topics to ones on the history of your school and team. Sports teams can raise money during a trivia night by selling tickets, including a silent auction and raffles.

Sports Tournament

trophy, soccer, sport tournament

A sports tournament will take time to organize, but it can be the best way to share your sports team's purpose with the public. Charge a registration fee for individuals and teams to join and plan the tournament for a spring date that fits most people's schedules.

Sports Memorabilia Auction

A fun idea to fundraise for your sports team is a sports memorabilia auction. If you can find items from professional teams, you can raise a lot, but if your team has won a major competition, signed team jerseys can also help raise money for your team.

Match the Temperature

A "Match the Temperature" is a unique and free way to run a fundraising campaign for your sports team. The idea is to tie donations to the current temperature outside. For each degree on a specific day, donors are encouraged to match the temperature with a donation.

Flock the Yard

A Flock the Yard fundraiser is a playful and creative way to raise funds. Team members pay a small fee to fill friends' front yards with plastic flamingos or another creative unexpected item (cows, lambs, etc.)

X Best Tips for Organizing Your Spring Fundraiser

Choose a captivating name and theme

Select a name and theme for your spring fundraiser that aligns with your cause and resonates with your donor base. A compelling theme can attract more participants and set the tone for your fundraiser.

Set Clear Goals

Define specific fundraising goals to prioritize your fundraising efforts and help you raise more money.

Promote Effectively

Use a variety of marketing tools to promote your fundraising event or campaign. Make sure your outreach efforts match your donor base and your event's purpose.

Offer Online Fundraising Options

Provide a variety of fundraising options like peer to peer fundraising, online fundraising pages, sell tickets, raffle tickets, and auctions to raise additional funds.

Follow up and Thank Donors

After your event, you must send tax receipts and acknowledgments for their gifts, but it's essential to remain in contact with donors after that. Send out regular newsletters with updates on the impact of their donations, and find ways to connect with personalized letters, phone calls, or in-person meetings.

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