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How is Zeffy free?
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11 Best Event Fundraising Software for Nonprofits in 2024

December 29, 2023

Whether you’re hosting a gala, 5k run/walk, convention, or other event, you can find an event fundraising software that meets your needs. Event management tools have evolved to offer a spectrum of solutions tailored to specific needs.

In this article, we’ll explore 11 event software platforms that offer unique features and can support a range of events. 

11 Best Event Fundraising Platforms 

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What is Nonprofit Event Software? 

Nonprofit event software are specialized tools to help with the event planning process. Some fundraising event software offer all-in-one event management tools. Others focus on event registration, marketing, records management, and auctions. 

Key Features to Consider When Choosing Event Fundraising Software 

When choosing the best fundraising event software for your organization, it's essential to determine your needs and budget. While some services provide all-in-one tools, some may be out of your nonprofit's budget or need to offer more features to meet your needs. 

Key features to consider in an event fundraising software

Check out the following list of features to help decide which are crucial for your nonprofit's needs. 

Best Free Fundraising Event Software for Nonprofits 


Zeffy event fundraising ticket sale

Nonprofits using Zeffy for their events can use several features to ensure a successful fundraiser. Sell event and raffle tickets to individuals or groups, track sales on your dashboard, and keep event-day registration simple with QR codes or Tap to Pay. Organizations can also watch their event revenue increase as more supporters raise funds online with peer-to-peer campaign pages.  

Zeffy is the only 100% free event fundraising software available, so you keep every penny you bring in at your fundraising event! 

Key Features: 

Best For: 


100% free (no signup, monthly, platform, or processing fees) 


"We are a raving fan of Zeffy. We can't say enough good things about the ease of implementation, and from the customer standpoint, your transaction is complete and processed within minutes. The new app feature that allows you to scan credit cards on the spot was a huge help during our recent fundraiser."
- Amy W. 
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Best Event Platform for Marketing Fundraising Events 


Eventbrite for fundraising events

Eventbrite is a popular event management software for nonprofit and for-profit businesses. The primary benefit of this event planning tool is the effect it can have on marketing efforts. Eventbrite's vast outreach allows organizations to market and sell tickets to audiences interested in specific event activities.  

Standout Features: 


Eventbrite creates automatic customer lists that can complicate things and result in more than one invite for guests. 

Best For: 

Concerts and other Large Events  


Publish an event with up to 25 tickets for free. Larger events start at $9.99 per event. Attendees pay 3.7% + $1.79 service fee per ticket + 2.9% payment processing fee per transaction.  


"I like that Eventbrite allows me to follow the organizations I am interested in their events so I can receive notifications when they have new events. Eventbrite streams the videos in very high quality and allows real-time chatting during the event. Also, I like the advanced search at Eventbrite, which allows me to find events in my area of interest, like technology."
- Moustafa A. (event attendee) 

Best Platform for Collecting Non-Cash Payments at Events 


Donorbox for event ticketing

Donorbox is best known for its recurring donation feature and the fact that nonprofits worldwide can use its services. Fairly recently, Donorbox added event management tools to its list of features and has opened up another way for its users to raise money online. As a nonprofit event software, Donorbox excels because of the many options users have to collect non-cash donations regardless of the location. 

Standout Features: 


You must pay additional fees to add more than a few team members. 

Best For: 

Church and small nonprofit fundraising events and activities 


2.95% Platform fee + 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee (donors can cover fees) 


"Over eight years, Donorbox has consistently provided a user-friendly interface that simplifies the donation process. Its adaptability to our fundraising needs, especially during events like Giving Tuesday and our annual gala, has been a significant advantage. The responsive customer service and the team’s openness to feedback have been beneficial."
- Joel R.

Best Platform for Nonprofit Virtual Events 


Classy is a good solution for virtual events

Classy has undergone some changes since being acquired by GoFundMe. Its primary market is now peer-to-peer fundraising, and its event management solutions apply best there. With that in mind, if you're hosting a virtual fundraising event, Classy has many features that can help you collect online donations. 

Standout Features: 


It can be pricey for the features offered. 

Best For: 

Virtual and hybrid events 


Classy does not list prices on their website. Classy Live's virtual event package is an additional cost and can be added to any package. 


"Classy is a one-stop shop for our mid-size, national nonprofit organization. We use Classy for our main donation page, for peer-to-peer fundraising, and their new Classy Live product for our live events. They are always available to help and provide truly excellent customer service."
- Elise R. 
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Best Platform for Complicated Events With Various Ticket Types 


Ticket Stripe for selling tickets online

Ticketstripe has a simple three-step process for nonprofits to follow when selling event tickets online. The event registration software stands out for its many custom event registration options. If you're looking for a tool to use worldwide with more options for online registration, Ticketstripe may work best.  

Standout Features: 


No peer-to-peer fundraising options 

Best For: 

More complicated events with various ticket types 


1.50% + $0.50 for nonprofits + credit card processing fees (donors can cover these fees) 


"Ticketing and event registration are crowded fields, and I'm glad we found you! There are many, many things I really like about Ticketstripe, particularly its simplicity in many ways as I know from experience that features up complexity. I am also very excited to experience our event with a ticket scanner rather than a flashlight, pen, and three spreadsheet pages!"
- Monique B.

Best Platform for Creating Compelling Event Pages 


Qgiv for event management

Qgiv is on this list because of its beautiful fundraising event pages. This tool doesn't offer as many features as others, but its drag-and-drop editing and "add to calendar" button can help keep your event at the top of attendee's minds.  

Standout Features: 


It can be complicated and frustrating to use at first. 

Best For: 

Creating compelling event pages with drag-and-drop editing services 


3.95% + $0.30 per transaction 


"Qgiv has time and time again proven to be all we need and more. Whether we're using it to process program feeds, or utilizing it's specialized features for fundraising events, it has made processing transactions and collecting event registrations much easier! And the customer service experience is hands down the best anywhere! No matter my issue, every person I've spoken to at Qgiv goes out of their way to address our needs quickly and efficiently."
- Audrey M.

Best Platform for Donor Data and Records Management 


Donorperfect for online fundraising features

DonorPerfect is a CRM, first and foremost, but they do offer several event management features to help nonprofits. Donor and volunteer management are primary tools that your nonprofit can use. Its ReadySetAuction Management helps you run a streamlined auction from start to finish.  

Standout Features: 


Not built for event management 

Best For: 

Donor data and records management 


Plans start at $99 monthly and can be customized to fit your needs. 


"DonorPerfect's records management system and reporting are second-to-none. We've had nothing but exceptional customer support, from their onboarding orientations to the continuing education workshops put on weekly. User management is also highly intuitive, and can be tailored to adjust access as you see fit. Access to the payment portal is highly straightforward."
- Monica S. 
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Best Platform to Manage Small In-Person and Hybrid Events  


Givebutter is a solid fundraising event platform for nonprofits

Givebutter offers a host of event management tools for virtual and in-person events. It's silent, and live auction software provides a live display screen that excites event attendees and inspires more participation.  

Standout Features: 


Limited CRM Features 

Best For: 

Simple system with enough features to manage small in-person and hybrid events 


2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (donors can cover these fees) 


"This system was very simple to integrate with our website and payment processing systems. Being able to switch to Givebutter without any downtime was critical. It helped keep us focus on the different events without the worry of switching systems. Customer service with Givebutter was top notch. Being a first-time user and needing to get the events up and running was a top priority. Any questions we had Givebutter answered quickly and with the knowledge needed. WE were not waiting on answers or "let me find out"."
- Crystal M. 

Best Platform for Gala Fundraisers 


Onecause is perfect for gala fundraiser

OneCause is another fundraising event software solution that gives nonprofits various ways to raise money. It's feature that gives event attendees more control over their own profiles helps eliminate long lines and helps create a wonderful event experience for all. 

Standout Features: 


It does not integrate peer-to-peer fundraising 

Best For: 

OneCause offers many features to help make your gala's fundraising successful. 


OneCause does not list prices on its website but offers plans based on nonprofits' needs. 


"OneCause is a highly professional, easy-to-use event management software that takes a lot of the stress out of our event planning. It keeps all pertinent information in one place and it's very user-friendly to navigate! I love that I'm able to create my own event site that is unique to our organization; and where our donors can go to view the information they need, register, bid and update their information by using their own personal login! The other thing that is great about this system are the reports and exports available. You are able to pull the info you need out of the system very easily and I often go back in to use it as reference. OneCause also has amazing staff who work with you every step of the way to help ensure the event is seamless to your guests. The onsite staff are so helpful that I can't imagine ever hosting an event without them!"
- Vicki S.

Best Platform for Silent and Live Auctions 

Silent Auction Pro 

Silent auction pro

Silent Auction Pro stands out for exactly what you'd expect. Silent Auction Pro provides multiple solutions to improve auction management. Whether your next event is an online, in-person, or hybrid auction, this nonprofit event management software offers the most features.  

Standout Features: 

Online auction catalog with option bid with your smartphone 

Pre-scheduled emails and text messages to send during key times of your event 

"Paddle Raise" features like donation thermometer and virtual confetti drop entice more donor participation 


It can be complicated with all the features. 

Best For: 

The most auction features and excellent customer service 


Plans start at $99 


"I’ve been in fundraising more than 20 years and have manages event with silent and live auctions for gatherings of 250 to 1500 – both onsite and virtual. I’ve used a few different software programs in that time, but Silent Auction Pro IS THE BEST. Not just for its ease of use – in that everything you need is within the software, but because of the customer service they provide before, during and after the event. Their team of support, from the initial training, to processing the winning bids, to the follow-up was phenomenal. I have never encountered a team so upbeat, so supportive, so understanding and so knowledgeable in my entire career. If you are looking for a platform on which to manage your silent or live auction – onsite or virtual – look no further. I highly recommend Silent Auction Pro as the perfect, low-cost, high quality software platform for any size auction."
- Bea P. 
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Best Fundraising Platform for Conventions 


Accelevents platform

Accelevents has event management features for in-person and virtual events. It's unique on this list because of the type of events it supports. This event management software is used for virtual and in-person conventions. While most nonprofits won't need the complicated features and event processes it provides, its quality features and services put it on our list. 

Standout Features: 

In-Person Events: 

Virtual Events: 


The breakout rooms must be recreated when people leave 

Best For: 

Large in-person or virtual conferences 


Plans start at $5,000 


"Everything from the mobile app to the badge printing works well together and feels like one experience. It kind of reminds me of using HubSpot. The support is also top notch. They're available whenever you have a question. Even at 1am the night before the event. We host 8-10 events per year. Our largest event is between 3,500-4,000 attendees. We used the Kiosk functionality and badge printing for check-in. We had 20 kiosks configured since everyone shows up within about a 90 minute window. Everything went perfect. No lines. 
Accelevents also allows us to set all of our branding which keeps our design team happy. When we used Cvent, we would constantly have to ask Cvent support to implement changes that we could not do ourselves. With Accelevents, we can do everything on our own."
- Brendan C. 

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Fundraising Event Solution 

1. Determine Your Event Goals 

Before choosing a fundraising event software, you must decide on your event goals, and what features you’ll need to meet them. Event goals can include fundraising goals, the number of attendees, volunteer management, and more.  

2. Flexibility and Scalability

Choosing event fundraising software that offers more flexibility will enable your organization to adapt it to meet your immediate and long-term needs. You’ll also want a tool that integrates with your existing online fundraising tools. 

3. User-Friendly and Solid Support 

Every time you purchase new software, you can expect some problems. All the features in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t get it to work. Be sure you understand how the event management software works and that the company provides enough training and support to help. 

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Case Study: How YWCA Lethbridge Switched for Zeffy for their Annual Royal Gala and Avoided Over $1,000 in Fees

YWCA Lethbridge fundraising event

YWCA Lethbridge used Eventbrite and PayPal to run their annual Royal Gala until they came across Zeffy. A 100% event management tool seemed too good to be true, but after being assured by a fellow team member who’d used it before, they decided to give it a try.  

They started small by selling event tickets to a bands and brunch event. After seeing success there, they tried it for their annual Royal Gala to collect donations, manage volunteers, sell tickets, and send donor communications.   

“I don’t even think I know everything Zeffy can do. The fact that it’s free is crazy to me, but excellent.” - Catherine Champagne, External Relations Director 

YWCA Lethbridge was thrilled by the results and continued using Zeffy for all their fundraising needs!

Which Fundraising Event Platform Will Meet Your Needs? 

The 11 platforms we’ve listed offer diverse fundraising and event management options. You can pave the way for success in 2024 and beyond by aligning your needs to the right software.

Finding the perfect match for your organization’s mission and events means more than features. If you’re looking for software that provides an all-in-one solution for free, visit Zeffy’s website to learn more.

Create your next fundraising event page now with Zeffy

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