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How is Zeffy free?
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6 Best Apps and Websites for Online Raffle and Raffle Draw

February 26, 2024

Raffles are an engaging way to see a quick return on investment, but you’ll need the right tools.   

Many raffle apps and websites are available to you, and the one you choose will make or break the experience for you and your participants. This is your quick guide to evaluate the best options on the market and make an informed decision to optimize your raffle results.

Best apps and websites for running an online raffle:

Best apps for making a raffle draw:

What is a raffle app, and how does it work?

A raffle app is software available on a mobile device to support a raffle. Raffles allow individuals or organizations to sell tickets to participants who gain a chance to win a specified prize. 

The appeal of unique raffle prize ideas engages a community and increases the potential to raise more money in a shorter time period. The more tickets someone purchases, the better odds they have of winning. 

Before you choose a raffle app or website, you should always review the latest raffle rules by state.

Types of raffle apps for every step of the process

Check out how fundraisers can do a raffle in 9 easy steps.

3 Best apps and websites for running an online raffle

Zeffy: Best for nonprofits looking to run a robust raffle for free (with no fees)

Overview: Zeffy is a 100% free fundraising software for nonprofits. Zeffy's online raffle platform makes it easy to sell raffle tickets to a broad audience of supporters with a seamless experience.

Why you should use this online raffle platform:

Cons: Only available for registered nonprofits in the US and Canada.

Pricing: Zeffy is 100% free and includes features to support any fundraising campaign type.

“My overall experience with Zefy is absolutely incredible. They have saved me not only money but time. This is definitely the best site to use for fundraising” -Nonprofit Capterra review

GalaBid: Best for nonprofits looking to set up a quick raffle website

Overview: GalaBid is an online raffle platform that works great as a quick way to sell raffle tickets quickly. Nonprofits can create raffle website campaigns and start engaging supporters in minutes.

Why you should use this online raffle platform:


Pricing: GalaBid offers three pricing options:

“It was easy to use and navigate. The Galabid team answered any questions I had as they came up and were very helpful.Visually when set up the auction platform looked a bit dated.” - Nonprofit Capterra review

RallyUp: Best for hosting enhanced 50/50 raffles

Overview: RallyUp is an app that supports fundraisers with ticket sales and the raffle draw. The tool offers enhanced features for anyone looking to host 50/50 raffles.

Why you should use this online raffle platform:


Pricing: RallyUp also offers two pricing options:

Grab all the information you need, including fees and features of Stripe for nonprofits.

“WE have used RallyUp for our annual raffle twice now, and find it easy-to-use and effective for both back-end use and our ticket buyers.--Sometimes the back-end interface was a bit confusing–there is a bit of back and forth to get everything just right.” - Nonprofit Capterra review

3 best apps for making a raffle draw

Raffle Name: Easiest app for a simple raffle draw from your phone

Overview: Raffle Name is an app that makes raffle draws simple. It's a good option if you’re looking to run a raffle that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of customization but still offers a smooth experience.

Why you should use this raffle drawing app:


Pricing: Access to all features, content, and functionality requires an annual subscription of $19.99.

“Love this app!! The best part is that you can choose to do the auto raffle --while you can record a video for everyone to see.” - Reviews from the App Store: 4.7/5 stars

Easily Create: Manage Raffles: Best app for raffle customization and management

Overview: Easy Create: Manage Raffles helps you organize a raffle effectively, quickly, and securely from your phone. This is a great option for someone looking to add more customization to their raffle experience.

Why you should use this raffle drawing app:


Pricing: Annual subscriptions are available at $5.99 per year.

“I had already downloaded almost 10 applications and they were all horrible, this one is simply amazing, objective and easy.” - Reviews from the App Store: 4.5/5 stars

RafflesNow: The most modern app to host a fundraising-specific raffle

Overview: RafflesNow is a raffle management app with a modern user experience on a mobile device. The app is built for nonprofits and fundraisers who intend to split the proceeds of a raffle with the winner as donations.

Why you should use this raffle drawing app:

Get the ultimate guide to 50/50 raffles for fundraisers.


Pricing: There is no fee to use RafflesNow. There is a cost to running your raffle through the app, which equates to 10% of your total winnings after a 2.5% credit card fee is deducted.

“Finally an alternative for fundraising that does not involve calendars I do not need or coupon books I will never use. App is easy to use and extremely well designed.” - Reviews from the App Store: 4.7/5

Conclusion: The best way to run your raffle (for free)

You have no shortage of raffle apps and websites to help you reach your goals. For nonprofits, Zeffy is the only truly free option to host a successful fundraising raffle without hidden fees.

You get everything you need to run a raffle, collect donations, and host creative campaigns with a fundraising software platform built for nonprofits with Zeffy. We’ll help you put every dollar into your cause with the simplicity to do it confidently.

FAQ: Raffle apps and websites

Is there an app that draws a raffle?

There are many apps that draw raffles, ranging from free versions to paid apps. It’s important to choose an app that respects raffle laws and regulations in your state. 

Once you understand which apps are compliant with your state, you can find an option that meets the scale and goal of your raffle.

How do you do a raffle draw online for free?

You can do a raffle draw online for free with a simple randomizer app. It’s important to note that many raffle draw apps exist but are subject to payment processor fees.

Zeffy offers the only 100% free fundraising platform for raffle ticket sales and management. Due to the raffle rules issued by the Gaming Authorities, Zeffy doesn't have an automatic winner drawing tool. You can choose a free random name picker to pair with your Zeffy raffle at no cost.

Learn how to avoid the hidden costs of "free" software.

How to do a free online raffle?

You can do a free online raffle in a few steps. Zeffy's 100% free raffle software guides you through setting up your online raffle to engage supporters and sell tickets. 

Learn how to do an online raffle in 11 easy steps.

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Learn how to avoid the hidden costs of "free" software.
Learn how to do an online raffle in 11 easy steps.