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Your Nonprofit Can Start Getting More Corporate Sponsors Now – Here’s How!

August 1, 2022

A comprehensive guide to securing corporate sponsors for your next nonprofit fundraising event 

Finding corporate sponsors for your nonprofit can seem daunting at first. There are so many possible companies out there that you could partner with, and it’s difficult to have the time to pitch your cause with any one of them.

But finding a corporate sponsor doesn’t have to be that difficult. Let’s take a look at some pointers for finding and securing corporate sponsors and donors for your nonprofit.

Before you get started

Before you make your first phone call, send your first email, or make your first visit to a business, make sure you spend time developing your corporate sponsorship program. You will want to have the proper documentation in place to make sure that the business knows exactly what they will get out of the agreement and the level of commitment they will need to make in terms of financial resources and work hours. Come up with different sponsorship levels that detail how much the business will need to donate, the types of perks they will receive from supporting your organization, and the impact their contribution will have on your cause.

Once it’s time to start contacting businesses, have a list of potential sponsors in mind. It helps to find corporations that are aligned with your organization’s values and mission. Also be sure to have scripts with what you want to say prepared ahead of time so you don’t forget any important points you want to make.

Leverage your existing network

Chances are, the network of your organization is bigger than you think. Consider all of the board members, volunteers, staff, donors, and others that are regularly involved in supporting your cause. Each of them has their own network you can tap into in order to find businesses that would be willing to sponsor your nonprofit. Put out a call to action within your organization for those involved to help you reach out to businesses in your community and beyond. 

Search engines are your best friends

When in doubt, Google it! Take advantage of free online tools – like search engines –available to you in order to find your next corporate sponsor. You can tailor your search queries to find businesses in your area that align with either your cause or the goal of an upcoming event. For example, if you are hosting an Oktoberfest fundraiser, you could search for breweries in your area. Reach out to them to see if they could partner with you by providing a donation or food and drinks for attendees.

Find a local coordinator 

If you are branching out your nonprofit’s reach or an event to a new location, try to find someone who lives in the new community that can serve as your local ambassador. Asking someone who already lives in the new area you are targeting will ensure that you can be more efficient with coordinating local partnerships as they likely already have an established network within the community.

Some alternatives to the corporate sponsor

Instead of trying to seek out corporate sponsors for your events, opt to find local talents to support your cause. You could ask local artists to donate pieces of artwork for a silent auction, enlist local musicians to perform at a charity concert, or see if a local professional athlete can attend or co-host your next event to entice more donors to come. The possibilities are endless!

Now, go find your nonprofit’s next corporate sponsor!

The last bit of advice we can give you is to just be authentic. After all, you want to appeal to businesses that fully support your cause. By being genuine and personal in your one-on-one communications with businesses, you will not only convince them to help you because of the good work your organization does, but because of the authentic, passionate commitment of those who are part of it.