Tools for Nonprofits

13 Amazing Online Tools for Nonprofits

February 18, 2021

Looking for the best online tools to grow your charity’s impact even more?

When fundraising online, the amount of platforms available for donations, marketing and managing donors can seem intimidating to choose from. That’s why, with the help our growing community of organizations, we’ve rounded up the best services for you. They will allow you to maximize your outreach and make fundraising a lot easier. Plus, they are free or offer a reduced rate for charities and nonprofits!

Create your Nonprofit's website using WordPress

To create a website, you don’t need skills in coding. With WordPress, you can easily create and customize your website. With their premium plan at 10$ a month, you can even integrate with analytics and get the best themes and design. Their plugins also allow you to create customized pages for events and campaigns. All Zeffy forms integrate quickly and seamlessly onto WordPress pages, providing the best donation experience for your supporters.

Build high-converting donation forms using Zeffy (formerly Simplyk)

Zeffy’s donation forms can be set up in under 5 minutes and are completely free. Zeffy is not only free, it also covers all your transaction fees, so that 100% of donations go directly to your mission. Plus, they are easily embedded in your website and mobile friendly. Your donors will love the ease of use (you can fill out the form in under 10 clicks) and you will love the conversion rate. The interface is so simple for donors, that they have no problem filling them out, which generates 50% more revenue for your mission. Try creating your first donation form today!

Best CRM platforms for Nonprofits

A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management platform. This allows you to keep your data in one place, analyze your donor and supporter behaviour, and organize how and when you contact them. If you aren’t currently using a CRM for your donors, you should definitely consider it. Managing your relationship with your donors is key to your fundraising success.


HubSpot provides a free CRM for up to 1 million contacts. Using their tools, you can confidently build lasting relationships with your community. A stranger to your cause can become one of your most avid supporters in very little time.

Why do we recommend HubSpot to nonprofits of all sizes?

  • We use it at Zeffy, so we have experience with it and we know it’s reliable
  • You can easily integrate HubSpot with Zeffy
  • They provide detailed guidance for nonprofits
  • It’s free. We believe you should get the best tech, for free!
  • You can send 2000 emails a month for free. Then, easily integrate to Mailchimp or Sendinblue if you don’t want to get Hubspot premium


Salesforce is also a free and popular CRM that can be integrated with Zeffy. We would recommend it to large charities as it can take more time to get familiar with. Check out our guide on integration here along with Salesforce’s platform for nonprofits.


If you are looking to revamp your email campaigns or newsletter, be sure to check out Mailchimp. The platform allows you to create beautiful emails and templates, automate sending and it can also act as a CRM with many other features. Their free plan allows for up to 2000 contacts and has a newly added website builder and creative assistant. You can sign-up for free and start creating your next email campaign.

If you have a lot of contacts, you may want to consider Sendinblue instead as their pricing is more reasonable for a large volume !


Sendinblue offers great pricing for your emailing needs. You can easily tailor your emails, whether it is for your newsletter or campaign appeals. Their pricing is extremely flexible and will grow with your organization. This is great for any nonprofit planning to expand their community and mailing list. Pricing is based on emails sent rather than the number of contacts.

Use Canva for all your design needs

Searching for a great tool for your campaign branding, social media and email templates? Look no further than Canva for nonprofits. You get all their amazing premium tools for free. Create a branding deck, infographics to help your supporters better understand your mission, edit images and so much more. Apply to get these tools at no cost.

Find outsourcing partner using HelloDarwin

It can be overwhelming to find the best service for your next project, whether it be web development, marketing or anything else! helloDarwin can match you with the best experts for your needs, and it’s free for nonprofits. Submit your project and you’ll get 3 potential partners within 48 hours. No commitment necessary, give it a try and find the right service for your fundraising!

Leverage Zeffy for your events ticketing

Zeffy’s ticketing keeps the simplicity of its donations forms with added versatility for all of your ticketing needs. The tools can be used for your memberships, raffles, online stores and your events. They are mobile friendly and can be embedded directly to your website. You can generate tax receipts and scannable QR codes for all your events. And of course, the tools are 100% free and Zeffy covers the transaction fees.

Get a 10,000USD worth of free ads using Google Ads Grant for Nonprofits

Google provides ad grants for nonprofits in many different countries, including Canada and the US. You can receive 10,000 USD worth of Google ads, which allow you to get the word out about your mission. This can be extremely valuable to promote your campaign and boost your results. It will allow you to reach individuals searching for causes like your own, whether it is to donate, volunteer or help further your mission. Take advantage of this possibility to gain visibility and sign up. They even provide tips to effectively manage your ads.

Gain visibility on how your donors interact with your nonprofit's website

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to better understand how your supporters interact with your webpages. You can see when your donors visit your pages, where they find your pages from and what is most popular on your website. It will also allow you to calculate your donor conversion easily. Use plugins like Monster Insights on WordPress to integrate with Google analytics, and view your analytics directly through your WordPress dashboard. You can even use your analytics on your Zeffy forms. Just send your Google analytics tracking ID to us at [email protected] along with the form you would like to track.


Easily understand how your donors and community use your website with HotJar. This tool provides a fresh perspective on analytics, because it helps you visualize how your users interact on your site. See where donors get lost on your site or what really caught their eye! HotJar for nonprofits allows you to apply for a business account for free.

Peer-to-Peer fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great tool to get your supporters involved and multiply your donations. With Zeffy peer-to-peer forms, you can quickly set up a campaign and share it with your supporters right away. It is easy to use for fundraisers, as they can create a campaign on their own and customize it. The forms are mobile friendly, which is a must when it comes to peer-to-peer crowdfunding. As always, Zeffy’s tools are free and they cover all the transaction fees.

Automate tasks with Zapier

As a nonprofit fundraising online, you don’t have time for long administrative tasks that require transferring your data between the different platforms you use. You can save a lot of time by automating your tasks and integrating your softwares through Zapier. This API connection platform is a great resource to integrate your donation data to your CRM or connect with your accounting software. They provide a discount for nonprofits, so you pay a monthly fee of around $25. It is well worth the time saved on administrative tasks. Simplyk has an app on Zapier, which allows you to automatically transfer your donation and ticketing data to your CRM or any other app.

Leverage LinkedIn for networking

Are you looking for a new hire or board member? Growing your team and community is an easy way to increase your resources. LinkedIn for nonprofits can help get the word out about your charity in a more professional environment. They provide guides, resources and other helpful tips to elevate your presence and grow your network.