How is Zeffy free?
How is Zeffy free?
Zeffy relies entirely on optional contributions from donors. At the payment confirmation step - we ask donors to leave an optional contribution to Zeffy.
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15 Best Fundraising Software for Nonprofits (free & paid) in 2024

December 11, 2023

15 best fundraising software for nonprofits

Zeffy - The free fundraising software for nonprofit

Classy - Best for feature access

DonorPerfect - Best for donor management

QGiv - Best for flexible fundraising

GoFundMe - Best for crowdfunding 

Bloomerang - Best for donor retention

Kindful - Best for integrations

DonorBox - Best for recurring donations

CauseVox - Best for P2P fundraising campaigns

Blackbaud - Best for scalability 

BetterWorld- Best for raffles

OneCause- Best for event fundraising

Givebutter- Best for fundraising software for social fundraising 

Fundrazr - Best for fundraising software for schools 

Fundly - Best for fundraising solution for social media fundraising

What is a fundraising software?

Fundraising software is a type of technology designed to assist nonprofits and charities in efficiently managing and executing their fundraising efforts. 

Most donation software streamlines various aspects of the fundraising process to help nonprofit organizations make as much impact as possible.

Though every fundraising software is different, most help organizations with: 

What to look for in fundraising software for nonprofits

Choosing the platform is a crucial decision for nonprofits. When shopping around for the best fundraising software options your organization, consider whether the platform offers some of these features: 

What are the benefits of fundraising software?

It’s often easy to think a solid fundraising team full of change-makers can keep track of donations and donor information on a spreadsheet. But in truth, handling campaigns, donor information, and more, by hand makes the information prone to error, and quite limited.

Online fundraising software, on the other hand, helps organizations with: 

Efficiency and automation

Fundraising software streamlines and automates various aspects of the fundraising process, from the ability to collect donations to donor management, saving time and reducing administrative burdens.

Plus, the best online fundraising solutions often offer event registration forms, the ability to process matching gifts, and organize prospect research.

Increased reach

Online fundraising platforms enable organizations to reach more donors. Supporters can easily share campaigns on social media, via email, and sometimes even through text, expanding the reach of fundraising efforts beyond traditional networks.


Robust fundraising software provides a convenient and accessible way for donors to contribute and for you to raise money. Online donation forms, mobile-friendly interfaces, and various payment options make it easier for people to support causes from anywhere, at any time.

Plus, online fundraising software creates an accessible database for your nonprofit staff to share and house important information. 

Compliance and reporting

Fundraising software helps organizations stay compliant with relevant regulations and provides features for generating reports required for auditing, transparency, and accountability.

The best fundraising software solutions at a glance

Fundraising software Best for Best feature Price G2 rating


All fundraising activities 

100% free (no platform fee - no transaction fee)

100% free



Feature access

Robust event management 

Custom quote required

Ease of use: 8.8

Ease of setup:  8.7 Customer support: 8.9


Donor management

Donor data collection

Custom quote required, starting at $99/month

Ease of use: 8.3

Ease of setup: 8.3 Customer support: 9.2


Flexible fundraising

Customizable forms and event capabilities

$0 - $259/month and up to $0.95 -  4.95% in processing fees

Ease of use: 9.1

Ease of setup: 8.9 Customer support: 9.7



Easy social sharing

Up to 2.9% + $0.30 in processing fees

Ease of use: 8.2

Ease of setup: N/A Customer support: 7.1


Donor retention


$79–$1299+ /month, 1% platform fee, and processing fees up to 2.2% + $0.30

Ease of use: 9.3

Ease of setup: 8.7 Customer support: 9.6


Social media fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising

0% platform fee, 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee

Ease of use: 5.7

Ease of setup: N/A Customer support: 6.4


Recurring donations

Flexible payment options

$0–$139+/month, 1.5% platform fee,  up to 2.2% + $0.49 in processing fees

Ease of use: 9.2

Ease of setup:  9.1 Customer support: 7.8 


P2P campaigns

Engaging, customized P2P pages

$0 - $315 /month, and up to 4.25% + $0.30 in processing fees

Ease of use: 8.8

Ease of setup: 8.5 Customer support: 9.0



AI-powered tools

Custom quote required

Ease of use: 7.3

Ease of setup: 6.9 Customer support: 7.6




$0 + 0% platform fee, and up to 2.9% + $0.30 processing fees



Event fundraising

Auction management

Custom quote required

Ease of use: 8.9

Ease of setup: 8.6 Customer support:8.8 


Social fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising 

0% platform fee plus up to 2.9% + $0.30 in processing fees

Ease of use: 9.3

Ease of setup: 9.3 Customer support: 9.5 


School fundraising 

Coaching and support

0%-5% platform fee, plus standard processing fees

Ease of use: 7.9

Ease of setup: 7.8Customer support: 7.6 

Charity Auctions today

Auction management

Robust item features

$0 -$1500, 0% to 5% platform fees, and up to 3% + $0.30 processing fees

Ease of use: 9.4 

Ease of setup: 9.2 Customer support: 9.2 

The best free fundraising platform for nonprofits


Zeffy fundraising platform for free fundraising

Zeffy is a 100% free online fundraising platform—built by change-makers, for change-makers. Unlike other fundraising software, Zeffy is a true all-in-one solution that offers a full suite of tools. From event ticketing to membership management, Zeffy is the only platform that helps you raise more funds and doesn’t take a cent of what you earn.  



Pricing: 100% free (no platform fee - no transaction fee)

When someone makes a donation on your online fundraising form, they have the option (but are never obliged) to give to Zeffy. Not everyone gives every time and that's okay. Enough donors leave a contribution to cover every fee—so nonprofits aren’t charged a cent.


“Besides being free, Zeffy has become an invaluable tool as it provides a way for our donors to give knowing that 100% of their donation will be received by our organization. Besides that, it is very user-friendly. Easy to set up and customer support is amazing!” John W. 
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The best fundraising software for feature access


Classy donation website

Classy offers a range of features, including customizable donation forms, peer-to-peer virtual fundraising capabilities, and event management tools. Additionally, Classy's robust analytics and reporting tools provide valuable insights, allowing organizations to track their success and refine their strategies for maximum impact.



Pricing: Custom quote required


“Classy is a one-stop shop for our mid-size, national nonprofit organization. We use Classy for our main donation page, for peer-to-peer online fundraising, and their new Classy Live product for our live events. They are always available to help and provide truly excellent customer service.” — Elise R.

Compare Zeffy (100% free) to Classy →

The best fundraising software for donor management


Donorperfect solution

DonorPerfect is a comprehensive donor management solution that helps nonprofits organize and cultivate donor relationships. With intuitive dashboards and even some online fundraising event capabilities, it’s a great choice for nonprofits whose primary need is donor management.



Pricing: Custom quote required, starting at $99/month


“Your software provides great insight into donor activity. The reporting makes it easier for me to share with the board our fundraising successes and even areas where we need to focus more efforts.” — Kelly H. 

Compare Zeffy (100% free) to Donorperfect →

The best fundraising software for flexible fundraising


Qgiv is a fundraising platform for online donations and more

QGiv stands out as a versatile donation software for its range of features: online donations, event coordination, and peer-to-peer campaigns. Plus, QGiv offers a host of third-party integrations, too, so nonprofits can sync up with some of their other favorite tools. 



Pricing: $0 - $259/month and up to $0.95 -  4.95% in processing fees


“We have integrated Qgiv into our website for donations, utilized it for Peer to Peer, and Auctions, as well as used it for fundraising pages for board members and integration directly into our Donor management software and our accounting software, meaning it is used daily in our offices. The ability to pay for different features of Qgiv monthly or quarterly is also helpful and so convenient!” —Tiffany S. 

Compare Zeffy (100% free) to QGiv →

The best fundraising software for crowdfunding


Gofundme is popular and an easy platform for fundraising campaigns

GoFundMe is a popular, user-friendly platform that allows individuals and organizations to create compelling fundraising campaigns on behalf of nonprofit organizations—or even for themselves. The platform's ease of use, coupled with its expansive network, makes GoFundMe an accessible and impactful fundraising software solution.

→ Check out these Gofundme alternatives.



Pricing:  Up to 2.9% + $0.30 in processing fees


“I have used GoFundMe numerous times throughout the years and it has allowed me to share a link all over the world for people to donate to numerous causes, including personal causes. With the easy ability to share your personal GoFundMe account, you can allow people from all over to help support your cause or donate to a tragedy.” — Lily G. 

Compare Zeffy (100% free) to GoFundMe →

The best nonprofit fundraising software for donor retention


Bloomerang website

Bloomerang, a trusted fundraising and donor management platform, offers a host of tools for understanding donor data, preferences, and engagement patterns. Through robust reporting and analytics, Bloomerang empowers nonprofits to tailor their outreach strategies, ensuring that each interaction is personalized and meaningful. 



Pricing: $79–$1299+ /month, 1% platform fee, and processing fees up to 2.2% + $0.30


“Bloomerang really helped to organize our donor relationships. All of us knew who spoke to whom and the financial background of the donors. We didn't have to have the donor repeat information because everything was logged in the system. We could also put our efforts into those who had a connection to our cause and the financial means to donate more if asked.” — Suzanne C.  

The best fundraising software for social media fundraising 


Fundly's solution for fundraisers

Fundly is a user-friendly crowdfunding platform that empowers individuals, nonprofits, and organizations to easily create and manage online fundraising campaigns. The platform supports a wide range of fundraising goals, from personal causes to nonprofit initiatives, providing tools for campaigns such as medical expenses, education, and charitable projects. Fundly's features include customizable donation pages, social sharing options, and the ability to track contributions in real time. 



Pricing: 0% platform fee, 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee


“It was really easy for me to figure out how to use Fundly and navigate all of the aspects of the website. I like how easy it was to find and connect with others.” —  Vivian M. 

The best fundraising software for recurring donations


Donorbox is trusted by 80,000 organizations

Donorbox stands out as an accessible and user-friendly nonprofit and fundraising software platform, designed to cater to the needs of small to medium-sized nonprofits. The platform's simplicity extends to its creation of donation forms, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for both nonprofits and their supporters.

Pros :


Pricing: $0–$139+/month, 1.5% platform fee,  up to 2.2% + $0.49 in processing fees


“We have used it to successfully launch multiple campaigns and even for a photo contest. It has greatly increased donations made through our website and social media and the reporting tools help us to keep our accounting in order. It is extremely easy to integrate with our Wordpress website and is very versatile. It makes managing our donation campaigns very quick and simple.” — Kimberly W. 

The best fundraising software for P2P campaigns


Causevox website about peer-to-peer fundraising

CauseVox empowers organizations to craft compelling stories that resonate with their audience to help enhance their fundraising. The platform's versatility, which primarily focuses on peer-to-peer campaigns and crowdfunding initiatives, helps nonprofits leverage the emotional impact of storytelling to create meaningful connections with supporters. 



Pricing: $0 - $315 /month, and up to 4.25% + $0.30 in processing fees


“Causevox is so supportive and friendly. They helped us strategize our peer-to-peer, which turned out so successful! “ —  Sara E. 

The best fundraising software for scalability


Blackbaud website on nonprofit software

Blackbaud is a comprehensive nonprofit management software that offers robust donor management and event planning capabilities. Given Blackbaud’s tools for data-driven decision-making, that platform is a great choice for nonprofits looking for a solution that will grow with them and evolve with their needs. 



Pricing: Custom quote required


“As my office is not large, I need a product that works for us. We have a large number of donors but are looking to grow larger. We can keep the same program no matter our size.” —  Laura B. 

The best fundraising software for raffles


Betterworld is a platform that offers fundraising solutions

BetterWorld, used by organizations like Make A Wish, offers online auction and raffle management, a giveaway platform, and event registration, ticketing, and crowdfunding capabilities. For nonprofits looking for simple, easy-to-use, and cheap fundraising software for events, BetterWorld is a great choice.



Pricing : $0 + 0% platform fee, and up to 2.9% + $0.30 processing fees


“I searched high and low for an affordable software package to conduct online auctions and raffles. BetterWorld is free!”  — Donna R. 

The best fundraising software for event fundraising 

→ Check out these best event fundraising softwares for nonprofits for more detailed information.


Onecause software for running events

OneCause is the perfect fundraising software solution for running events, offering a comprehensive suite of tools from managing registrations to conducting successful auctions. 



Pricing:  Custom quote required


“OneCause has proven to be an indispensable tool for our non-profit, allowing us to seamlessly organize and execute events and auctions. Without this platform, the prospect of orchestrating a successful event would be daunting. From managing auctions and pulls, overseeing check-ins, and streamlining payment processing, OneCause serves as our comprehensive solution, elevating our event coordination to new heights.” — Emily C.

The best fundraising software for social fundraising


Givebutter platform for raising money

Givebutter is a modern fundraising software solution for small nonprofits that incorporates elements of social interaction and gamification, making collecting donations fun and engaging for donors and supporters. The platform offers everything from donor management and auction tools to text giving and P2P fundraising. And, allows organizations to centralize all of their fundraising strategies in one powerful fundraising software.



Pricing: 0% platform fee plus up to 2.9% + $0.30 in processing fees


“I work in fundraising for nonprofits, and I have used GiveButter for FIVE annual fundraisers now at three different organizations. I love the giving thermometer, I love that it has the capability to sell tickets, run a silent auction, the social media-esque news feed feature, and the gamification aspect of creating fundraising teams. Everything feels customizable and I can easily have all my data in one place when all is said and done.” — Kayla T. 

Compare Zeffy (100% free) to Givebutter →

The best fundraising software for schools

→ Check out these 9 best fundraising platforms for schools.


Fundrazr for individuals and organizations

Fundrazr is another social fundraising platform for individuals and organizations. Well suited for schools and educational institutions looking to raise funds, Fundrazr is easy to launch and impactful for reaching a wide audience. 



Pricing: 0%-5% platform fee, plus standard processing fees


“As a small membership nonprofit, the pandemic made it impossible for us to hold our usual in-person events, dramatically affecting our bottom line. Fundraising to support our online transition and programs was key and Fundrazr was an amazing resource for us to make that happen.” — Cathleen O.

The best fundraising software for auctions

Charity Auctions Today

Charity Auctions Today makes it easy to run charity auctions

Charity Auctions Today streamlines the auction process, from item listings to bidding, providing nonprofits with a comprehensive toolkit to optimize their fundraising potential through engaging auction events. With features designed to save time and enhance participant experiences, Charity Auctions Today is a great choice for nonprofits seeking to leverage auctions as strategic fundraising initiatives.



Pricing: $0 -$1500, 0% to 5% platform fees, and up to 3% + $0.30 processing fees


“This is the second year we have used Charity Auctions Today for our silent auction. We were impressed with the communication as we were setting up our site (it was very easy), and the whole event was a huge success. Charity Auctions Today was even easier to use than I expected! I've recommended them to others as well.” — Katie T. 

More nonprofit fundraising software solutions 

Are there any free fundraising tools that doesn’t charge fees?

Zeffy platform is 100% free for nonprofits

Yes, there is! Zeffy is the only zero-fee fundraising platform for nonprofits. 

While every other platform takes a portion of donations in fees, Zeffy gives 100% of fundraising revenue from all donations directly to nonprofits. Donors can be reassured that the entirety of their gift is going straight to the cause.

While some fundraising software solutions have low fees, they can add up quite quickly. In fact, last year, nonprofit organizations paid around $3 billion dollars in credit card and transaction fees. To put that into perspective, that is enough to feed 1.4 million children for a year,  plant 60 million trees, or build 20,000 homes.

At Zeffy, we’re trying to end these fees for nonprofits, so the money is going directly to their impact.

How Outreach360 saved $6,000 with Zeffy—the only free fundraising software 

Us nonprofit Outreach 360 saced $6,000 by switching from Classy to Zeffy for their online fundraising need

Outreach360 has been in operation for more than 26 years, bringing language skills and financial independence to hundreds of students across Latin America. After a global crisis forced them to move all operations online, Outreach360, previously a user of Classy, took a chance on Zeffy—the only 100% free fundraising software for nonprofits. 

“The need to cut down on expenses meant replacing Classy. We found Zeffy online and thought, ‘This is too good to be true,’...I reached out and Francois [Zeffy’s founder] got back to me. He was really open and helpful getting us onboard.” —Coco and Adie, respectively the President and Academic Director of Outreach360

Since switching over to Zeffy from Classy, Outreach360 has saved $6,000 to date. 

Read the full case study →

Which is the best fundraising software?

When choosing a fundraising software for your nonprofit, it’s important to consider the cost and features available—plus customer support and user-friendliness. 

Unlike other software solutions, Zeffy is the only true, 100% free donation platform that lets nonprofits centralize all of their fundraising efforts into one place. With customizable donation forms, peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities, and an online store for nonprofits—and so much more—Zeffy is the best fundraising software for small nonprofits, and large ones. 

Did we mention we’re 100% free?

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